If Fictional Locations Got Reviewed on Yelp

If you truly want the full range of the complex human psyche as it runs that crazy obstacle course that is life, there's no better website than Yelp.com. Obviously. Obviously you knew that, because who hasn't decided on a whim to look up the insanely specific reviews about the drug store chain down the street. (Personal favorite: "This Rite Aid is the pharmacy equivalent of that scene in "Nightmare on Elm Street" where Freddy Kreuger lifts up his shirt and his stomach is made of the tortured souls of dead people screaming in excruciating pain.")

But why limit Yelp to mere reality when some of your favorite bars, restaurants, and retail experiences come from the magical world of film and television? Why not make listings for Dorsia, even though it's impossible to get a reservation? (Besides the fact that it doesn't exist.) So instead of writing your scathing review of your hometown Applebee's--that is pathetic, never do that--peruse the best Yelp reviews for the best businesses that never were.

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