4 Hilariously Passive-Aggressive Ways People Paid Fines

Deserved or not, nobody is happy about having to pay a fine. These four people wanted to make damn sure everyone knew just how unhappy they were.

#4. With Toilet Paper

Dick Roper was hit with a 30-pound parking ticket. In an effort to demonstrate exactly how he felt about the fine, he attempted to pay the amount by writing a check on a strip of toilet paper.

"Let me finish drinking this goat cheese milkshake and I'll sign it for you."

The judicial system didn't find it quite as whimsical, and they dragged him to court and demanded he pay an extra 15 pounds for "cashing charges" (we, on the other hand, would have accepted anything with "Dick Roper" written on it).

Finally, a judge agreed to allow him to pay just the original amount, but with real, actual currency instead of an IOU hastily scribbled on two-ply butt tissue like a backwoods lunatic.

#3. With 31,000 Pennies


After cutting down some trees on his property to avoid them spilling onto his neighbor's lot, Jay Sperry received a $310.50 bill from the city. The bill was for sending city workers to mow the grass around his property's perimeter since Sperry had failed to do so himself after removing the trees, because somehow that equals hundreds of dollars (presumably the mower blades were etched from diamond and attached to a lawn tractor driven by the Last Son of Krypton).

The city refused to budge on the bill, so Sperry paid it -- in pennies. He loaded 31,050 pennies (that's 170 pounds of currency) into buckets and dropped them on a desk at City Hall. We assume the total number of coins could be substituted on a 1-for-1 basis for the amount of dicks Sperry respectfully instructed city officials to eat.

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