16 Video Games of the Distant Future

This week, game developers and software companies are revealing what the games we'll be playing in our living rooms and parents' basements next year will look like. We asked you to take us a step further, and show us the games we'll be playing in our living rooms 15 and 25 years down the line. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...


by Cobravision


by 1saac


by mattographer


by mattographer


by RoboSkeptic


by Tom Flock


by The Machete


by Piemanthe3rd


by Greg Welsh


by Rinato


by Dildog


by BRWombat


by Matt Gallagher


by divinecomedy33


by ChickenSoda

And the winner is ...

Congrats, Kinali. You win money.

by Kinali

Want in on this?

This week, Toy Story 3 hits theaters, once again forcing us to pretend a world where inanimate objects are secretly alive isn't terrifying. We want you to show us what it would look like if the inanimate objects from other films were secretly alive via the magic of image manipulation. The best entry gets $50.

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