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The Season Premiere of Heroes was not a Complete Bag Of Ass


Well if the season premiere of Heroes was any indication, the big mysteries of the second season are going to revolve around events that happened in the past. Whereas the first season had the characters moving towards a pre-determined conclusion (an exploding man that manages to explode somehow), the second season looks like it will be more about the characters investigating their predecessors, and the conspiracies surrounding them.

The most interesting plot thread from this episode was Kaito Nakamura (Hiros dad) revelation that he, along with the Patrellis and Linderman, was part of a group that tracked down and, if the mood suited them, killed people with powers. A revelation he made shortly before being killed himself, by one of the same group. Which sort of reminds me of that old saying, if you lie down with murderers, dont be surprised if you wake up covered in murder.

Meanwhile, Mohinder and Mr. Bennet have some sort of scheme underway to infiltrate The Company. Although they dont seem to see any problem with discussing their plans over fucking cell phones. The Company, you'll recall, is the technologically sophisticated and superpower enhanced organization known for being secretive, paranoid, and when the mood suits them, killing people. In other words, if any organization on earth is capable of intercepting a cell phone call, its these guys. Theyre the fucking Cadillac of intercepting phone calls. Can Mr. Bennet be that stupid? Actually, thats stupid enough that I almost wonder if it was deliberate. But that gets into a whole he knows that we know that he knows, but what he doesnt know is that we dont know that he knows..., which could make your head explode if you think about it after a heavy meal.

And continuing on the Mysteries Of The Past theme, we have Hiro, who is way, way, way in the past, almost comically so. As I sort of predicted earlier, it looks like Hiro is either going to nurse Kensei through all of his adventures, or do everything himself and let Kensei take the credit. A powerful lesson in Learning To Be Assertive is brewing here, I can smell it.

Other thoughts:Best Part: This episode contained absolutely no Jessica/Niki. That alone probably qualifies this episode for an Emmy. Worst Part: Matt Parkman and Molly living together. Not only is it weird, their dialog is appalling. nathan_riker.jpgAlso, suddenly Matts a good cop? How long will that last? Last season I had a running bet with my girlfriend that hed drop his gun on his foot at some point.

Best line. Hiro: Oh no! I broke history.

Best facial hair: I really dig the Commander Riker that Nathan is sporting in the second season. That is a great way to attract Star Trek fans, and certain types of gay males.

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