5 Adults Who Just Brutally Destroyed The Dreams Of Children

For most of us, the transition from childhood to adulthood was a disgusting multi-year process involving weird new hairs, terrible smells, and the overwhelming sensation that your crotch is possessed by an angry poltergeist. But for the kids on this list, childhood came to an abrupt end when the following shitheel grown-ups -- who should've waaay known better -- scorch-earthed the cosmic joy and wonderment that comes with not yet being a shitheel grown-up.

#5. Priests Prepared Second-Graders For Confession (By Asking Them If They've Ever Killed Anyone)

Design Pics/Con Tanasiuk/Design Pics/Getty Images

Students at San Francisco's Star Of The Sea Catholic School recently received a church pamphlet called "Examination Of Conscience And Catholic Doctrine," containing yes-or-no questions like "Did I fail to pray daily?" and "Did I eat meat on Ash Wednesday?" meant to help the kids recall past naughtiness they'd need to confess stat, lest they burn for all eternity.

Studio-Annika/iStock/Getty Images
So much for taking a 30-minute detention seriously ever again.

But either the author forgot they were writing for kids or simply didn't care, because many other questions were for ... more experienced sinners. Like the one asking if the kids had masturbated, committed adultery, or performed sodomy. And for the little deniers of God's Word who can keep it in their pants, the pamphlet asked of them "Did I attempt suicide?" and "Did I physically injure or kill anyone?"

Charles Clifford / KRON 4
Better quit the intramural euthanasia team too, before Jesus finds out.

Many parents, shockingly nonplussed about their children being interrogated about murder and butt stuff, are pinning the blame on a single priest who is "newly installed at the parish and ... doesn't know the school very well at all." That's understandable. Some campuses host scores of murderous, sex-crazed grade-schoolers, some don't, and some schools are actually Coolio music videos.

#4. A Special Needs Athlete Was Forced To Remove His Letter Jacket Because He Didn't "Earn It"

Dan Hallman/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Michael Kelley, a student at East High School in Wichita, Kansas, has Down syndrome and autism. He's also an athlete who plays on the school's special needs basketball team. To boost his spirits, his mother got him a varsity letterman jacket to wear like the other athletes. Enter Principal Ken Thiessen, who ordered Kelley to remove his jacket and never wear it again. Why? Because Kelley wasn't a varsity athlete and didn't deserve his letter, of course.

Wikimedia Commons/Plaque Guy
"Sorry, only varsity athletes can properly use 1/26th of the alphabet as a nipple shield."
"What? Why?"
"Uh, Cthulhu? Sorry, that's all I got."

It appears an asshole parent saw Kelley wearing his jacket, got offended, and snitched to the boss. Because, clearly, the lives of everyone this parent loved were in grave danger until some kid ceased wearing a chunk of fabric that he already owned and would abruptly stop wearing after graduation.

#3. A 7-Year-Old Was Banned From School Until He Shaved His Military Haircut

videodet/iStock/Getty Images

Adam Stinnett, a student at Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School in Tennessee, found himself banned from class for sporting a haircut the principal felt violated a ban on "mohawks and other extreme cuts." Here's the offending hairdo:

Amy Stinnett
Respectfully high and tight, opening act at Warped Tour -- same difference.

Yep, that's a soldier cut. Stinnett got it to honor his stepbrother, an active-duty Army specialist whom the young boy idolizes. Instead, he was forced to shave it clean off and return to school heartbroken and depressed, but no longer at risk of ordering his classmates to drop and give him 20. The school, naturally, insists they don't ban military haircuts, meaning the principal must have thought Stinnett was sporting something else. The school's namesake, by the way, was a Navy Hospital Corpsman who received the Medal Of Honor after falling on a grenade in Vietnam. Their gym is named after Jeremy Brown, an Army specialist killed in Afghanistan. And yet, they can't figure out what a military man looks like.

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