4 Presidential Hopefuls' Flaws (As Playable Video Games)

Look, full disclosure: I'm no good at politics. I try to get into it and obtain all the important facts about each candidate, but after the constant back and forth, the "he said, she said" attitude, and all those political attack ads, I just end up feeling burned out. I think the most prepared I've ever actually been for an election was in 2004, when Jib Jab's "This Land" flash cartoon drew me in with its animated chicanery and encouraged me to learn more about those candidates. So, since the early 2000's Internet cartoons are seemingly the only way to get important political info to the masses, I've decided try my hand at a few flash tutorials and cranked out some games based on our current crop of presidential candidates and their biggest flaws -- you know, in 2015, when literally nobody plays flash games anymore. Still, this should showcase an easy (albeit outdated) way to get yourself ready for the voting booths next November.

#4. Hillary Clinton - Hillary's Shoot 'Em Up

Scott Eisen/Getty Images News/Getty Images

How about that Hillary Clinton, huh? Back in April, she officially announced her candidacy for president, and she's been going nonstop ever since. Rather than grant interviews to favor the media, she's been going state to state to meet with the everyman and woman to hopefully reap some of those delicious votes. But, following her through her campaign trail is that rotten email scandal you've heard so much about.

Darren McCollester/Getty Images News/Getty Images
Thrillary_C_420@hotmail.com was an unfortunate choice of e-mail address, in retrospect.

Hillz is basically getting slammed for using her private email account rather than her official State.gov address to conduct State Department business. It's a legitimate gripe, too, as her private email servers containing government secrets could have easily been accessed by hackers that don't have to compete with government-level security. Hillary has already turned her servers over to the FBI, but has withheld somewhere around 30,000 personal emails from the investigation. This whole scandal gave me an idea for a simple way to remember why everyone was mad at Hillary. That's why I created Hillary's Shoot 'Em Up, in which our hero, Hillary, tries to destroy her personal emails before the FBI can get their hands on them.

Think like Astrosmash for the Intellivision, but, since I'm making the game here, I made some changes. Like, remember when the asteroids hit you, and you would die? That stupid feature is gone! Now, there's nothing to stop you from getting the highest score you can before you get burned out and quit. Challenge your friends today!

#3. Jeb Bush - Choose Your Own Jeb-Venture!

Sean Rayford/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I don't think I'm telling any tales out of school when I say that the Bush family loves running for president. Following in his dad and his brother's footsteps, Jeb Bush announced his bid to never let us go too long without a Bush in the White House, and liberal types the world over let out a collective groan. Only a month prior to that, however, Jeb made a remark that has shadowed his whole campaign. During an interview with Fox News' Megyn Kelly, Jeb responded to a question about the United States' involvement in the Iraq War, stating he still would have authorized the invasion, even knowing what we know now. That's a problem, considering almost the entire justification for that act was based on faulty information. So, essentially, what he's saying is that he would've invaded Iraq for kicks.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images
These berries sure didn't fall too far from the bush, huh?

Old Jeb has been doing some damage control ever since, but how can we be sure he truly gets why everyone is hounding him about it? Well, I came up with a way to convey that message in the form of a "choose your own adventure" game, starring this presidential hopeful. In Choose Your Own Jeb-Venture, you take on the role of Jeb Bush as he is presented with intelligence that will determine whether or not he should go to war. Will he choose correctly? Only one way to find out!

He didn't choose correctly, I bet.

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