4 Insane Theories People Still Believe About the Nazis

Fun fact: the Nazis did some really terrible stuff. But you know what's weird? It's apparently not enough to be one of the most terrible political movements in history, because some people think that Hitler and his pals did other, even crazier things on top of the stuff that we already know they did.

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See you in the comments section, Holocaust deniers!

Obviously, they're blisteringly insane, but what's impressive is the longevity of these conspiracy theories. People still believe them today! Not, like, sane people, of course, but you get it. Anyway, here are four such insane things that people still believe about the Nazis ...

#4. They Had a Secret Base in Antarctica

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The Fuhrer decided early on that he wasn't content with just Germany, and wanted to try to grab as much of the world as he could. So why not grab the easiest, least defended area on the planet? And then, when he was done with France, he could go for the second easiest, least defended area on the planet: Antarctica.

Pictured: the bloodiest battle of the conflict.

On the Nazi Bullshit Plausibility Scale, which ranges from "could actually happen on planet Earth" to "not even in an Indiana Jones movie," this one at least makes some sense. Yeah, it's a mostly uninhabitable wasteland, but if you're the kind of asshole who wants to eat the whole pie before anyone else gets a piece, you don't leave the crumbs behind.

Plus, in theory, it could be a useful staging location for operations in the southern hemisphere (Added bonus: strategic, militarized penguins sound like an excellent use of Nazi resources). According to legend, the Germans built a base so strong that, after the fall of Berlin, they were able to retreat there and fend off attacks from the British and American armies for years. In fact, they purportedly hung on until the 1950s, when they were blown up with tactical nukes.

And we never had to worry about evil ever again.

There's even a nugget of truth to the stories. The Nazis did stage a few expeditions to Antarctica, but so did the U.S., and the only thing we're hiding down there is the answer to who the alien was at the end of The Thing. It was ever so briefly hypothesized that our frozenest continent might really be useful in some way to either side, but common sense prevailed when they realized how stupidly cold it gets down there.

And there were some nuclear "tests" in the Antarctic region around the 50s, but whether or not they were secret missions intended to kick Nazi ass has yet to be revealed. You'll notice that the only bases there today are for science. We're still not really interested in Antarctica as a military stronghold, but maybe that's just because the Nazis beat us there and claimed it first. After all, they needed it for ...

#3. They're Now Living Inside the Earth (Which Is Hollow)

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... the hole down there that leads into the center of the Earth itself. Which is hollow, and now filled with Nazis, making our globe a big, antisemitic Twinkie.

Insert antisemitism and serve warm.

The Hollow Earth Theory was nothing new, even in Hitler's time. It's as old as history, in fact, since basically every religion had the idea that there was an underworld inside the Earth. The theory took on "scientific" life in the 17th through 19th centuries, though. A number of learn'd gentlefolk, including Edmond Halley (the Halley's Comet guy), proposed the idea of an Earth made up of either concentric shells (of which we lived on the outermost) or absolutely nothing.

The originator of the modern Hollow Earth theory was an Army captain named John Cleves Symmes, Jr., who spent much of his life lecturing about his theory to people across America. It was basically the old-timey equivalent to a late night informercial. He also proposed that there were holes on the surface of the Earth that led down inside, which were located at the North and South Poles, and the Nazis' supposed secret base over the South Pole.

Santa is a Nazi.

Symmes' proposal became a popular bit of pseudoscience, but it was never taken very seriously. It was mostly a spiritualist fringe thing until, for reasons that are beyond anyone with even a micron of sense, the theory was attached to the Nazis after World War II. No nuggets of truth this time. Just pure bullshit.

According to legend, Nazis discovered Symmes' hole in the planet at a secret location in Antarctica, then built their base there to protect it. They then retreated into the Earth itself when the war went sour, which means, in a James Bond-esque twist, that the secret base that supposedly got nuked may have just been a decoy. Even Hitler himself, who faked his death, now resides in the center of the Earth. Or he might, anyway, if he wouldn't be 125 years old by now.

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