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We're here to make your wardrobe/home/duvet cover better (and with free shipping sometimes; watch for it here!). But what if our dozens of old wares and past designs didn't fit the bill? Well never fear friend, because just like most weeks, we've got a couple great new designs to introduce into our store/your life:

Not to say the meaning of life is an easy question, but what could the meaning of life possibly be as Gumby? This design by Redbubble regular deathpoodle suggests one option: The only way he can own the house where his show takes place is to go full Maitland horror on its non-clay inhabitants, until they flee in live-action terror. Show your Beetlejuice fandom and your love of all characters malleable by putting this design on anything Society6 can print, because your life needs more flexibility and style.

Politicians can be shifty! There is all-caps HOPE for anyone in the world, no matter how mutation-ashamed they might be! The Mystique character was John Stamos' lady until Hollywood business happened! These and more thematic concepts are yours FREE with purchase of this design from Cracked's own Sergiu Bica. Mystique is the lady-mutant for a new millennium, played by the sexiest goofball imaginable, and now thanks to the Cracked Dispensary, she's gotten the proper Shepard Fairey treatment.

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

Cases, pillows, duvet covers, and more are available for you at Society6. And S6 make damn fine T-shirts too. But in case your wandering eye needs convincing that those folks really can solve all your stuff-needs, here's the best five new shirt designs we could find this week from the entire rest of the Internet. It's our equivalent of a surprise Kanye track or Drake mixtape: Take it, enjoy it, and let it help you recognize nobody is better for you than the boy, huh.


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