6 Real Museums Straight Out of Your Nightmares

#3. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

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Welcome to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, the converted Cambodian school where at least 15,000 dissidents were tortured and killed under the Khmer Rouge. And while museums of other atrocities like Auschwitz delicately display collections of victims' suitcases and eyeglasses, Tuol Sleng went right for the skulls. Like, the actual skulls of those killed. Either haphazardly displaying them in glass cases ...

Via Wikipedia
We'd give anything for an X-Files episode where Mulder says, "That case is so skully."

Or as you saw above, glued onto a map like the world's most terrible macaroni art.

And speaking of art, that's exactly what this museum is chock-full of.

One of the very, very few survivors of the torture school painted pictures to show us how bad it was. So why not display those paintings right alongside the actual torture devices depicted in them?

Via Angkortourservices.com
"And if you step into this room, we can show you the actual torture, demonstrated on live volunteers."

But there's also photographs of the last victims who died in the hours before the Khmer Rouge fled the building. So picture walking into a bare room and seeing a rusty bed frame. Then you look up to see the photograph of the last person who died chained to this actual bed. Oh, and he's dead in the picture. THAT'S what Tuol Sleng is all about.

#2. The William P. Didusch Center for Urologic History

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Two years ago we examined the extensive collection of penises on display at the Icelandic Phallological Museum. But we know what you really want. You want to go inside the penises. For that, we suggest you stick your head into the William P. Didusch Center for Urologic History at the American Urological Association's headquarters. It's a whole museum dedicated to the instruments doctors have been slipping into men's dongs since the invention of nightmares.

William P. Didusch Center for Urologic History
Dear Lord, it's a testi-coil.

The museum was the brainchild of a man who apparently amassed so much graphic material on urological history that the only option left was to give it back to the world. According to the museum's website, the museum was financed through a surprise "testimonial dinner" to honor Dr. Didusch and his many contributions to American urology. The result is nothing short of the penis-themed time machine that can send you to virtually every moment in history when a penis got poked. At times, it's almost steampunk.

Via Urologichistory
Good God, even a screenshot of the site design is almost too much to handle.

On your way out, be sure to do a quick check to make sure no one slipped a toothpick or something in your parts when you weren't looking. Oh, and don't forget to pick up a gallstone in the gift shop!

William P. Didusch Center for Urologic History
Two for a dollar, and your sense of well-being.

#1. Santa Maria della Concezione

Via Camillaperkins

In the early 17th Century, the Capuchin monks asked, "Why just bury someone when you could decorate with them?" You know, because Jesus loved to work with human bones when he was a carpenter. Combine the solid work ethic of a bunch of monks with thousands of human bones and you get what some might call "art" and others might call "Hell, if Salvidor Dali was in charge."


What you're actually looking at are the bones of the friars who served and lived at this chapel, lovingly arranged and glued (?) by their brothers in faith. So you can imagine that as Father Antonio gets a little too creative with the pelvis collection he's shaping into a throne, he calls shotgun on a sweet spot for his own future skull. It could happen. When walking into an underground room elaborately decorated with the bones of the faithful, anything can happen. Hey look, PELVISES:

Via Ilpatriomonioartistico.it

Notice the priests who weren't dismantled. Instead, they were left intact and made to lay on beds made of the bones of their brethren. Lucky bastards.

Via Wikipedia

If you squint, you can imagine you're at Disneyland with the next picture. Can you see it?


The kids will never know the difference!

You can follow Jacopo della Quercia on Twitter. Also, please make sure to visit the awesome people at the Mutter Museum we featured last year. Itzhak scares easily, so check out his friends' band.

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