The 8 Most Insulting Attempts to Raise Money for a Cause

#4. Burqas for Freedom

The entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds, including those of taste and tact and especially irony. Exemplifying this in a most head-scratching and fun-with-oppression sort of way is one American lady and her team of Afghani women who are busily creating burqas for you. Tiny little burqas. For our wine bottles.

If you're not familiar, a burqa is traditional garb for women in places like Afghanistan which sort of resembles a five-year-old's ghost costume. Before the Taliban took control in Afghanistan, most women didn't wear these things, they wore standard burqas that showed the face. But if there's one thing the Taliban hate, it's everything. And that includes faces. How the fuck can you get anything done in an oppressive, arid wasteland of opium and despair with all those faces around? Best to cover them up.

Since the sort of freedom that's come to Afghanistan, a group called Women of Hope came in to help the local women gain independence and all that good stuff and apparently the best way to do that is by having these women sew little burqas and Taliban dolls for Americans.

The women themselves admit they have no idea why Americans like this shit but, hey, people who feel the need to decorate wine bottles have different tastes than the rest of us. Even though this is kind of like Jews in concentration camps making bean bag Hitlers and Easy Bake Ovens to raise money for Jewish causes, no one really seems to mind.

#3. "Celebrate Your Friend's Memory, by Giving Us Cash."

Tasteless political fundraising is not the strict purview of Americans, it's a world wide trend. Soliciting door to door or just hoping past supporters are willing to shell out money again just isn't enough for some and they are willing to pursue every dollar they can get their hands on, even to the grave. Or at least a seat at your funeral.

The Scottish National Party, making no effort to counter the stereotype of cheap Scotsmen, hatched a plan to put donation envelopes on seats at memorial services.

Speaking of stereotypes, this is what every Scottish person looks like.

Sure, Uncle Argyle just got blown to smithereens in a tragic haggis accident, but what's that stuck to your ass? Don't you want to make a donation to the SNP? And while you're at it, Argyle's not going to be needing that ring anymore is he, may as well pop that in the envelope too.

#2. Drunk Driving Awareness Fundraiser (At the Bar)

Sometimes thinking outside the box is the key to any good event. Are you hosting a child's birthday party? You could go to Chuck E. Cheese, or you could see if any local strip clubs are free. Children love boobs and it'll give the parents something to do as well. That's clever. Likewise, if you're hosting an event to stamp out drunk driving, you could do it at the local 4H club, or you could go all out and have it at a bar.

The Dori Slosberg Foundation, which apparently has a love/hate relationship with drunk drivers, decided to host a safe driving fundraiser at the Blue Martini Lounge in Boca Raton. Tickets were only $20 and included a free drink, which is both awesome and head-scratchingly hilarious.

There were appetizers, a raffle and presumably people who got shitfaced were encouraged to take a cab home--or at least drive super slow just to be on the safe side.

"Alright, just maintain."

The event organizers defended their choice of location, despite local police and MADD representatives making the universal "what the fuck?" face when confronted with the details, believing that the bar afforded them the opportunity to reach a new audience. Namely drunks in a bar. Who had driven themselves there. In cars.

#8. Giuliani's Tactful $9.11 Fundraiser

How did we know another 9/11 fundraiser would find its way onto the list?

We all remember how Rudy Giuliani was the mayor of New York on September 11, 2001, the day his watch stopped and he was forced to live then and there for the rest of time. In the past few years, Giuliani has managed to do not a damn thing that did not involve some reference to 9/11 and very likely every morning for breakfast one of his toaster strudel's features an icing 9 and the other and icing 11 and eating it makes him feel powerful.

It's hardly surprising then that, during his bid for the Republican nomination, Giuliani held a fundraiser and came up with the brilliant idea of having everyone donate $9.11. Brilliant until other people were told about it.

Surprisingly, using a massive tragedy and epic loss of life as a cute tie in to raise money for yourself doesn't go over well with a lot of people (just ask the Girl Scouts about their infamous Chocolate Holocaust cookies). Firefighters were quick to point out that the fundraiser was rather cockbaggish and not really in good taste.

"That's a dick move there, Rudy."

Giuliani's people laid the blame for the fundraising idea on someone else, saying they had no idea what was going on and "young people" were responsible. This is what you get when you leave the 12-year-old neighbor's kid in charge.

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