The 15 Most Bizarre Animal Mating Rituals

We've spent many long, lonely hours studying human sexuality in our lives: in magazines, DVDs and sometimes the lingerie section of the Sears catalog and it's taught us much. However, as a public service, we felt like expanding the porn-saturated knowledge of the internet community with some sex-related weirdness that doesn't apply to humans for a change.

#15. Bonobos

The Bonobo Monkeys are very possibly the culmination of anyone who believes in reincarnation's hopes and dreams. Sex for a Bonobo is not unlike a smile for a human. Or a handshake, a wink or clearing your throat. Sex is used as a greeting, as a method of conflict resolution and to celebrate when food has been found.

They are the only species that's been observed having sex face to face besides humans, as well as enjoying a little bit of French kissing and oral sex. They also engage in the occasional same-sex wank job and lesbian adventure--even incest. If sex can't fix it, these monkeys don't want to hear about it.

#14. Banana Slugs

These slugs have a few issues in life, not the least of which is that they look like the end result of stomach cramps brought on by a diet high in lentils and curry.

Another problem for the lowly slug is that the average eight-inch slug has an eight-inch penis, and when he first realizes this, he's probably pretty stoked. Then when he hears through the grapevine that his mate could potentially chew it off, the wind may be taken from his sails.

Because their penis could be the same size as their body, they need to find a mate who's the same size. If they happen to have an issue with depth perception, they won't properly fit and their special friend will gnaw on it like a NASCAR fan with a stick of jerky to solve the problem. The record holder for banana slugs had a penis five times the length of its own body, which we assume he just wrapped around his head to pretend it was a cool pompadour and sideburns when not in use.

#13. Brown Antechinus

The male of the species known as Antechinus Stuartii is so into sex, he will fuck until he rolls over and dies. A master man whore, during mating season, this little Australian marsupial pretty much drops everything in his life to have sex with as many females as possible. There's no time to eat or apply some kind of soothing cream to any rubbed-raw body parts as he will spend up to 12 hours at a time banging one female.

So at least he's leaving them satisfied--maybe not conscious, but satisfied.

And when he's done, it's on to another female. By the time mating season has ended, the constant stress of being a rodent-sized Wilt Chamberlain leaves the little bugger with a suppressed immune system, severe ulcers and at the mercy of parasites. He, and every other male who goes through the mating season, will then die.

#12. Snails

Look, snails are just straight-up fucked up in every way. They look weird, they move at the speed of a highly-medicated old person and they leave spooge trails wherever they go (also like some highly medicated old people). However, when it comes to mating, the weirdness really stands out.

Snails are hermaphrodites and as such, have both male and female reproductive bits. Nonetheless, they still need a buddy to mate because snails, like Jesus, frown on self-love. When two of these hermaphroditic fiends get together to bump uglies, they engage in what scientists refer to as snail donkey punching.

One snail will shoot the other in the head with a "love dart," which isn't just some lame euphemism we made up, it's an actual lame euphemism commonly used to describe the weird calcified spike that Snail A uses to stab Snail B with in order to convince it to trade "small packets of sperm." Because they are both male and female, they fertilize each other then go about their merry way.

#11. Hippos

Like dinner at the Olive Garden, Hippos are disgusting. When the male hippo is pretty sure one of the ladies in his neck of the woods is ready to get down to business, he seduces her in a way that even the majority of Cracked staff have never engaged in, at least not more than once.

Like a sly poon hunter out at the bars, the hippo positions himself where his potential mate can see him. Then he shits himself. To be fair, he also pisses at the same time. Obviously that alone is hardly going to impress the discerning lady hippo (any jackass can shit himself), so to prove he's got the goods, the male will spin his tail like a shit-flinging propeller at the same time, spraying about stink and filth which will be, apparently, irresistible to some of the local women folk.

#10. Flatworms

Like snails, flatworms are hermaphrodites. And as luck would have it, they too seem to have been reading up on perverse practices on the internet before they got around to mating.

Since deciding who gets to be the man when you're both hermaphrodites is hard, the worms settle things the way all horrible fights at the bike rack after school were settled--a sword fight. And by that we mean penis fencing. And no, we didn't make that up, scientists really call it that, probably without snickering.

The two worms whip out wood and battle each other until one poor bastard gets jammed where the sun don't shine and officially becomes the woman. So it's sort of like prison in a way.

#9. Earwigs

You aren't half the man this earwig is. And by that, we mean earwigs have two dicks.

Though some species only have one and are mocked horribly at earwig urinals, the ones with two tend to have a preference in use, meaning they're either right weinered or left weinered.

Because the earwig's wang is delicate like fine china, if it snaps off they just switch over to the other one and go about their business. So far, scientists are unable to tell if a right weinered earwig that has to use his left shoots off with all the girly-throwing power you'd expect.

#8. Red-Sided Garter Snake

These things are dirty whores. Whereas regular, old fashioned, lights-off sex is good enough for most animals, the garter snake prefers to have sex in big, creepy orgies. When it comes time for the snakes to hibernate, they'll converge in groups that can number up to 30,000, which is probably the scariest goddamn thing ever.

As the world around them warms up, the mass of snakes leave their den and get to thinking of doing the deed. When a female joins the crowd, up to 100 males will jump her then and form a mating ball, which is exactly what it sounds like.

The snakes coil around one another in an attempt to be the one lucky dude who gets to taste forbidden snake fruit, while the rest dry hump the hell out of each other until they can never look each other in the eye again.

Note that some males will actually take advantage of this situation by releasing female pheromones. We'll leave it at that.

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