Where Aren t They Now?: 5 Post-Star Wars Careers Almost as Pathetic as Mark Hamill's

Denis Lawson

The character:
Rebel X-Wing Pilot Wedge Antilles

The actor:
According to his official (meaning Wikipedia) biography, Denis Lawson was born in Crief, Perth and Kinross, which we are choosing to believe means he left three separate wombs, in thirds, and was assembled later.

His father was a watchmaker and his mother sold sweets, making him by far the member of the Star Wars cast with the childhood most like a Hans Christian Anderson story. He s also the only member of the Star Wars cast to have his name misspelled in the credits (twice!), giving him full automatic rights to the title "unsung."

Get this: Ewan MacGregor, Obi-Wan Mark 2, is his nephew! We imagine family reunions are pretty awkward, what with Uncle Denis telling stories about "the good old days with Alec" as soon as he s got a few shots in him.

Inestimable contribution to the films:
Was the only minor character to survive all three movies, despite being present at both Death Star attacks and being likable yet expendable, usually a recipe for poignant death.

Most memorable line:
"My scope shows the tower, but I can t see the exhaust port!"

Best Youtube video featuring character:
This is a keen dance number, in which Wedge leads the gang in a victorious celebration of the Rebel victory over the evil Empire.

Weirdest merchandise based on character:
This Topps trading card from 1996, featuring Wegde in a shimmering bodysuit on what appears to be planet Hoth, if it were struck with a beam that made everything into rainbows.

Best excerpt from Wikipedia entry on character:
"At this time the unworldly scientist Qwi Xux, primary designer of the Death Star, appeared in Wedge's life, and the two were involved romantically for several years, during which Kyp Durron's Force-mindwipe changed her life for better or for worse. Barely hours after the break-up, Wedge found himself en-route to Adumar as a pilot/diplomat for the New Republic; there he met Iella Wessiri again, and after a few false starts, the two became officially engaged."

Best excerpt from Wikipedia entry on actor:
"He recently appeared on an episode of "Loose Ends" hosted by Ned Sherrin on BBC Radio 4 (December 10, 2005), during which his cell phone rang."

Where is he now?
Lawson is one of the few to have actively resisted the siren s call of Star Wars reprisals, denying a request by Lucas to play Capt. Antilles, a character "totally unrelated" to Wedge, in Episode III. Sorry George, we guess he saw Episode II.

Lawson has had an extremely healthy career in BBC television, appearing in more than 20 series between now and then. In fact, he s still considered a celebrity in London, but as a master of musical comedy. Admittedly this is not as cool as being known as a sci-fi fighter pilot, but it s a damn sight better than being known as one of the 30 guys who hasn t done anything since the '70s. Now if only he d star in a musical comedy about the life of Wedge Antilles.

Mark Hamill Career Sadness Rating: 10
On one hand: he turned down Lucas and the chance to cash in once again on his old role. On the other hand: musical theater.

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