The Sopranos' 10 Most Memorable Whackings

The Tragic Heroes

Adriana La Cerva

Whacked By: Silvio Dante

For: Being an FBI informant.

Method: Shot several times while crawling away after being pulled out of a car in the middle of the woods.

Why It's Memorable: Adriana was the show's only really redeeming character, so killing her off kind of meant the end of any semblance of decency. Also of note is the reason that Christopher decided to allow Tony to order her being whacked. All set to whisk Adriana away to the Midwest and join the Witness Protection Program, Christopher has a change of heart when he stops at a gas station and sees a poor family. Seriously, no kidding.

Little Carmine malaprops:
"You're very observant. The sacred and the propane."

Vito Spatafore

Whacked By: Dominic "Fat Dom" Gamiello and Gerry Torciano

For: Being gay.

Method: Beaten to death, with the lovely added touch of having a pool cue shoved up his rectum.

Why It's Memorable: Pool cue. Shoved up rectum. Also, the scene includes a weirdly heavy-handed moment in which Phil Leotardo, who ordered the hit, literally comes out of the closet before his goons kill Vito in a hotel room. Hopefully that was foreshadowing my predicted outcome of the series, a huge gay orgy.

Bobby Bacala malaprops:
"Quasimodo predicted alla this."

Christopher Moltisanti

Whacked By: Tony Soprano

For: Being a fuck-up.

Method: After Christopher crashes his Escalade, flipping it several times, Tony, who was a passenger, hears his "nephew" mention that he won't pass a drug test, gets out through the passenger-side window and suffocates him by holding his nose shut.

Why It's Memorable: Up to this point, Christopher has seemed all but invincible. He's been shot a hell of a lot of times, nearly overdosed on drugs, been mock-executed and spent time in Hollywood. What finally got him? Running into the car of a couple of teenage girls while listening to drug-fueled psychedelic rock. Let that be a lesson to you, kids. If you're going to hit a teenage girl's car, at least do it to some heavy metal.

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