The 10 Best Jackass Skits of All-Time

With MTV' favorite band of jackasses back in theaters with the upcoming Jackass: Number Two, we thought we'd take a look at the 10 best moments from the show and the first film. We've embedded the videos so you can actually see and hear the bones being broken. Oh, and don't try this at home.

10) Paper Cuts

Like most hotel parties, the Jackass crowd decided to sit around, drink some beers and torture each other in the most excruciating way imaginable. At the expense of an extra-crisp oversized envelope, Johnny Knoxville gets paper cuts in the webbing of his hands and his feet. If there is ever doubt, this sketch will prove to any naysayer that the Jackass guys are in fact, certifiably insane.

Highlight: Watching Steve-O take a paper cut on the edge of the mouth should be instituted as a form of torture in Third World countries.

9) Public Boner

This would be just like sophomore year geometry class, only instead of being painfully aware and ashamed of your boner, you were completely oblivious of it and liked using it for tactile purposes. Johnny Knoxville throws on some loose-fitting mesh basketball shorts, straps on a rubber dildo and goes to town.

Highlight: Knoxville rubbing his artificial junk all over a perplexed mechanic who pleads, "Take it easy my friend. No, no, no, no, take it easy!"

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