The 10 Best Jackass Skits of All-Time

With MTV' favorite band of jackasses back in theaters with the upcoming Jackass: Number Two, we thought we'd take a look at the 10 best moments from the show and the first film. We've embedded the videos so you can actually see and hear the bones being broken. Oh, and don't try this at home.

10) Paper Cuts

Like most hotel parties, the Jackass crowd decided to sit around, drink some beers and torture each other in the most excruciating way imaginable. At the expense of an extra-crisp oversized envelope, Johnny Knoxville gets paper cuts in the webbing of his hands and his feet. If there is ever doubt, this sketch will prove to any naysayer that the
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Jackass guys are in fact, certifiably insane.

Highlight: Watching Steve-O take a paper cut on the edge of the mouth should be instituted as a form of torture in Third World countries.

9) Public Boner

This would be just like sophomore year geometry class, only instead of being painfully aware and ashamed of your boner, you were completely oblivious of it and liked using it for tactile purposes. Johnny Knoxville throws on some loose-fitting mesh basketball shorts, straps on a rubber dildo and goes to town.

Highlight: Knoxville rubbing his artificial junk all over a perplexed mechanic who pleads, "Take it easy my friend. No, no, no, no, take it easy!"
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8) Hit By a Car

Pretty self explanatory; Johnny Knoxville gets bulldozed by a car. While it' standard fare to see these guys hurt themselves, it' important to keep in mind while you're watching this that well, that' a guy getting hit by a fucking car.

Highlight: "Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville and I'm going to get hit by a car real soon." That or the vicious tumbleweed dive Knoxville takes after getting train-wrecked by the oncoming car.

7) Knoxville Self Defense Test

Much of this sequence of clips were filmed before Jackass was even on TV. At this point, the show was just Knoxville, his buddy and his video camera, which makes this clip all the more insane. He inflicts himself with pepper spray, a stun gun, a tazer and a .38 Smith and Wesson. All that' missing from Knoxville' arsenal is some sort of shoulder-launched missile.
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Highlight: During self-defense test No. 2: stun gun, Knoxville hoists an American flag, roars, "CHARGE!!!!" and barrels right into the current of a 120,000 volt stun gun. His convulsing afterwards seems pretty authentic.

6) Cup Test

The Jackass team tries everything they can to annihilate Knoxville' athletic supporter and his manhood. From issuing little kids free passes on Knoxville' nuts to blasting croquet balls at his family jewels, no weapon is spared in attempting to crack and destroy the impenetrable life-force that is a BIKE jock strap.
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Highlight: A paintball gun sharp-shooter nails Knoxville' crotch at point-blank range, and then just for fun, takes a pot shot at his leg.
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5) Daddy and Baby

What' worse than losing your kid in a crowded mall? Leaving your kid on top your car, and driving away. Johnny Knoxville and "wife" Michelle Klepper, proud parents of a newborn plastic child, see what happens when they drive away from a parking lot with what looks to be an occupied baby carriage resting on top of their car.

Highlight: Mayhem breaks out when Knoxville drives out of a Home Depot parking lot. Several concerned pedestrians sprint after the SUV in a frantic panic and concern for the baby' well being. Suckers.

4) The Burglars

Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville, disguised as diamond thieves, sabotage a small and peaceful office building. The two "burglars" come crashing through the ceiling of the office and land next to a couple of employees who are quietly at work.
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Highlight: After Margera and Knoxville make their crash landing, one startled employee takes off sprinting and doesn't stop until he' out of the office and half way down the block.

3) Office Chairs

In another typical day at the office, the Jackass crew dresses up in full business suits with briefcases, and use half-pipe skate ramps and office chairs to engage in a full-contact office chair derby. It' a lot like playing chicken, except without the opportunity to move before the collision.
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Highlight: Bam Margera attempts to ride down a half-pipe alongside an entire office desk equipped with a computer monitor.
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2) Butterbean Vs. Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville and knockout artist/human freak show Butterbean step into a department store and duke it out in front of the clientele. Knoxville' beaten into bloody submission but manages to connect on one half-assed blow. Butterbean then enacts his overpowering revenge until Knoxville' knocked unconscious.

Highlight: When the bell initially goes off, it' pretty hilarious to watch Butterbean play Ike to Knoxville' Tina, raining down a series of towering blows on the defenseless target. Still, a good sketch is made genius by the fact that their fight is conducted in a sporting goods store in front of befuddled staff and shoppers.
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1) Golf Course Air Horn

In this classic sketch, Knoxville and Co. hide out in camouflage in the woods and blow a screeching air horn to distract the players during their backswing. While it' always fun to watch these guys hurt themselves, the sketches in which they use their special brand of brazenly idiotic genius to cause mayhem will always be our favorites.

Highlight: The prank turns violent after the Jackass gang royally piss off two middle-aged golfers in ball-huggers and bad Polo shirts. One actually tees off toward the camera crew and Knoxville. Before he can finish his swing, Knoxville makes sure to sound the horn.
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