The 5 Most Insane Coaching Meltdowns


Who: Larry Bowa
Job: OK, so this one' not quite fair since this is Bowa when he was still a player on the Cubs in the early 80s. But since he later became a notoriously fiery manager, and since he drops 13 consecutive C-bombs, well, we couldn't resist.
What Brought it On: At the outset of the clip, Bowa' manager appears to be saying something about how they're going to retaliate by throwing at the pitcher who just threw at one of their players.
How it Went Down: The manager' response is measured, understated and really all that the situation calls for. Eye for an eye. 'Nough said. But as the manager is putting the situation to rest, Bowa gets up from his spot on the pine like an excited dog who just saw some food fall off the table.
The beauty of the clip, and what puts it at number one, is that you actually get to see Bowa assess the situation, take a few quiet moments to mull it over, before launching into his redundant manifesto on the topic of the pitcher's similarity to a woman' sexual organ while in use. Even when his teammates tell him to calm down he is unflagging, and even adds the universal sign for the c-bomb to illustrate his point. It' like he' a born-again in 'The Church of That Guy' a Fucking Cunt.' However, Bowa' finest moment is when he turns to his manager, who is trying to calm him down, and offers the rational, almost childlike rebuttal, "What? He's a fucking cunt."

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