Rhyme Crime: The 20 Worst Rhymes In Pop Music History

When Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder managed to rhyme  public and  subject in  Tears of a Clown, it was sheer genius. Getting that perfect coupling of words and phrases is what makes for a brilliant song. Then there are musicians who just write down words because they rhyme, or because they think they rhyme, and hope that we won t notice that the lyrics don't make any sense. Sometimes the songs are so good that we don t notice. Then there are these examples.

#20. Ashley Simpson, "La La"

 You make me wanna la la,
In the kitchen on the floor,
I'll be a french maid,
Where I'll meet you at the door.

While we're sure it's easier to lip synch simple words, we're a little confused about what  la la actually means. Swiffer maybe?

#19. Jadakiss and Kanye West, "Gettin' It In"

 Don't try to treat me like I ain t famous,
My apologies, are you into astrology?
Cause I'm, I'm tryin to make it to Uranus.

Have you ever looked at a horoscope, Kanye? Do you see Uranus there? This song reminds us of another star sign -- Feces.

#18. Styx, "Mr. Roboto"

 Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto,
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

The motherlode of the inane rhyme. Styx -- what a couple of...er& what rhymes with Styx?

#17. The Police, "Walking on the Moon"

 Giant steps are what you take,
Walking on the moon,
I hope my legs don't break,
Walking on the moon.

Sting phones it in again. Are limb injuries a big concern for astronauts? Really? Wouldn't an injury be less likely in the diminished gravity?  It s one giant leap for man, it s one, ouch, my ankle!

#16. Foreigner, "Hot Blooded"

 That's why I'm hot blooded, check it and see,
I got a fever of a hundred and three.

We've certainly noticed that nothing attracts women at a club more than sweaty, feverish foreigners with mullets.

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