Rick and Morty

In some parallel universe, Rick and Morty doesn't come out until 2024, and it looks like a total hack job because everyone's been talking about multiverses for years. But we live in this universe, where long before there was Everything Everywhere All At Once or Spider-Verses, there was…an alcoholic who turns into a pickle while bullying his family, and it's the funniest and sharpest sci-fi in animation. 

Yes, we're big fans of the Back To The Future-inspired adventures of this mismatched pair. Maybe not riot-at-McDonald's-over-Szechuan-Sauce crazy (we were already busy rioting for ice cream machine-related reasons), but we love the show. We especially love how the creators are open about how its created, with Dan Harmon's story wheel guiding the writing and some dos and don'ts for animation out there on the internet for any Cracked reader to see.


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