Rick And Morty May Now Exist In The Same Universe As Disney's 'Moana'

Maui, Meet Morty.
Rick And Morty May Now Exist In The Same Universe As Disney's 'Moana'

Although it seems the Rick and Morty universe knows no bounds, existing in 2D, 3D, as evident with the Back to the Future-coded cameo in the Season 5 finale, and, like, pretty much every dimension imaginable, the question of the Moana Canonical Universe's limitations are more mysterious, a question boldly posed in the 2016 flick's Oscar-nominated banger, “How Far I'll Go" … well, sorta. 

Yet fortunately for those of us in the sliver of the Venn diagram between copypasta-toting Rick and Morty fans who still think Pickle Rick is the pinnacle of comedy and still belt out “You're Welcome” in the shower -- Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson's rap verse and all -- it seems we finally answered the long-running question of just how far Moana will go in her pursuits  –  the RMEXUOWU,WEKATP (Rick and Morty Extended Universe, Or Well Universes, Who Even Knows At This Point). 

Yep, in yet another instance of Dan Harmon and co. humoring the show's erm, vibrant, fan community, a 2017 viral video featuring a Dimension C-131 take on The Rock's solo number may have inspired an episode of Rick and Morty and therefore, may be deemed canon based on a Season 5 episode, as ScreenRant noted.

Seemingly taking inspiration from the video's popular virality, “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall" has a plot that may seem eerily familiar to Disney fans. Although a play on 2007's Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the story also mirrors several plot points of Disney's 2016 animated princess flick. A stone awakens an angry lava monster. Both duos face close encounters with angry fauna (possessed crows/sentient coconuts). A tropical island setting. An all-knowing grandparent who occasionally secrets/glows cool-toned colors.  Hell, all Morty needs to do is don a crop top, necklace, and sing forlornly about Rick and before Adult Swim knows it, they'd be served with a cease and desist from the HMIC (head mouse in charge). 

Yet as the outlet noted, this is far from the first time fan reactions have influenced the series as a whole. Throughout the series, the show has made subtle nods to its fanbase, including addressing several fan theories (a la an army of Ricks and an entire episode centered around the premise of dreaming up these conspiracies), and even meta, third-person references to the show itself.  

So, folks, although we may be at a loss for words when it comes to acknowledging this bizarre connection that we may have brought upon ourselves, to paraphrase The Rock's character, “what can we say except you're welcome" … for seemingly inspiring this creative concept. 

Top Image: Disney/Adult Swim

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