Dan Harmon

Thanks to Community, Rick and Morty, and HarmonQuest, Dan Harmon has cemented his status as a legend in comedy and nerd circles, which, hey, that's our kind of people, too! Besides the high quality of his work, Harmon is interesting because of how open he is with his writing process. He's talked about how ComedySportz improv training helped his writing, and is pretty transparent about how every episode of television he writes begins with a “story circle,” a formula for writing TV that counterintuitively opens up all kinds of avenues for creativity. He's also pretty open about battling personal demons and trying to be a better person, perhaps seeing the preverbal Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come witnessing Chevy Chase's prima donna act firsthand. Harmon could easily be a cliched “drunk writer railing against the world for misunderstanding his genius," but it seems he has more Jeff Winger than Rick Sanchez in him. Whatever's next for Harmon's career, it's definitely going to be interesting. And being ComedyNerds, we at Cracked will be following. 


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