Tell Us Now: Dumb Reasons For Ditching Good Games

It's always the small things that make you give up on a game.
Tell Us Now: Dumb Reasons For Ditching Good Games

There are a ton of good reasons to stop playing a video game. Just ask our parents. But the thing is, we all keep playing the games like a bunch of crack-study monkeys, in spite of them. Nope, if we walk away, it's almost always for some dumb, trivial reason. We asked our fans on Facebook to tell us the stupidest, most inconsequential things that motivated them to permanently nope out of a game or app.

Here's what they told us.

TELL US NOW. Christy H. will not be killing that amazing dragon, Skyrim. You finally meet the people who were waiting to serve you for hundreds of ye
Christy H.
TELL US NOW. Kyle M. is too introverted for Pokemon Go, He was a dedicated player until they introduced research tasks that required trading, making
Kyle M.
TELL US NOW. Peter C. tossed Cuphead halfway through Level 1. I loved everything about the style. But after spending about an hour barely making it h
Peter C.
TELL US NOW. Whales killed Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for Brian K. (Whales are pay-to-win players.) This creates a huge imbalance with the functiona
Brian K.
TELL US NOW. Candy Crush drove Samantha C. into a murderous rage. I wanted to murder the little candy girl every time I heard her obnoxious voice cry
Samantha C.
TELL US NOW. Matthew D. got too good at Guitar Hero and Rock Band, dw He got to a point where he realized he could put that effort into learning actua
Matthew D.
TELL US NOW. Gina C. has no time for the cooldowns in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. Unless you're willing to spend a ton of money on the game, you o
Gina C.
TELL US NOW. Blockudoku annoyed Jillian H. to the point of quitting. 256 COMBO 170 The game would blast audio, even when her phone was on silent. Lik
Jillian H.
TELL US NOW. Scott H. bailed out of the airplane in Resident Evil Code Veronica. R STARS I saved the game just before the battle and over the previou
Scott H.
TELL US NOW. Brant D. is passing on all the Riddler content in the Arkham games. I stop playing after everything that isn't the Riddler is done. The
Brant D.
TELL US NOW. WoW: Cataclysm was too cataclysmic for Chris D. The actual cataclysm destroyed one of my favorite towns and guild meeting spots (Auberdi
Chris D.
TELL US NOW. Kim P. got sick of planning her life around Farmville. ...stopped playing when I realized I was planning my social life around when my c
Kim P.
TELL US NOW. Jess L. walked away from Portal 2 over one jump. I got stuck for 3 hours on a puzzle and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. F
Jess L.
TELL US NOW. GTA 5 got too demanding with its goals, for Kurosaki M. It used to be fun and exciting to play, ...but when GTA5 was introduced and just
Kurosaki M.
TELL US NOW. Ocarina of Time ruined Legend of Zelda for Tony C. I still enjoyed it up until the Water Temple. That was one frustrating puzzle. There
Tony C.
. TELL US NOW. Bioshock scared Caiti B. away from playing, with its tutorial. MII ACCESS I played it and before I even finished the tutorial it scare
Caiti B.
TELL US NOW. Social anxiety killed Fallout: NeW Vegas for Cody M. I never finished Fallout: New Vegas because people-pleaser me couldn't figure out h
Cody M.
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