15 Szechuan Sauce-Soaked 'Rick and Morty' Easter Eggs

15 Szechuan Sauce-Soaked 'Rick and Morty' Easter Eggs

Since 2013, Rick and Morty has been on our TVs either providing quality comedy or derisive internet discourse, depending on your mood. The science-comedy adventures of Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith have been analyzed, prodded, dissected, and enjoyed for nearly a decade now, providing thought-provoking pathos, creative science-based plotlines, and giant loads of gross-out humor.

However, no matter whether you were one of the mega fans that harped on about bringing back Szechuan sauce online or in-person that adopt Rick’s sense of nihilism to the point that you’ve become just insufferable, or if you were just a regular person that watched the show and thought it was “pretty good,” there are some fun little Easter eggs that the writers put in for y’all to enjoy. Some of them are nice shout-outs to other things in pop culture, while others are applause-worthy pieces of continuity. In any case, here are some Rick and Morty Easter eggs to gush over.

My Little Pony

Rick and Morty Easter Eggs MLP Grannies Gone wild Rick and Morty crossed over to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. MLP fans were treated to two ponies that distinctly have Rick and Morty's hair and color scheme waiting in line for a roller coaster. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vice

Doofus Rick

Rick and Morty Easter Eggs TITANIC Jerry keeps a Doofus Rick photo in his garage. Doofus Rick is the only Rick who was ever genuinely nice to Jerry. He's not a bad guy for someone who eats poop. CRACKED.COM

Source: Collider

Dan Harmon

HOT Morty nonious Claptl'ap Rick and Easter Eggs The ending vanity card refers to Dan Harmon's love life. The card at the end of the episodes featured clay versions of Harmon and his then-wife Erin McGathy until their divorce. It would then feature Harmon alone until uniting with his now-fiancée Cody Heller. CRACKED.COM

Source: Heavy

Episode Titles

Rick and Morty Easter Eggs Most episode titles reference pop culture. The vast majority of episodes are portmanteaus referring to Rick and/or Morty, mixed in with a title from popular films, songs, books, and TV shows. Some examples include A Rickle in Time, Ricksy Business, and Mortyplycity. CRACKED.COM

Source: Reddit

Gravity Falls

Rick and Morty Easter Eggs ? Gravity Falls society of the Blind Eye Grunkle stan tosses some items into Rick and Morty's world. Stan has a pen, a pad, and a coffee mug sucked into a portal. In Rick and Morty, those same items fall out of a portal. close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind CRACKED.COM

Source: Decider

Science Fiction Cameos

Rick and Morty Easter Eggs Interdimensional customs features several sci-fi cameos. You can spot a Ferengi from Star Trek, a Xenomorph from Alien, the robots from MST3K, and several others. CRACKED.COM

Source: Time


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