Rick and Morty is Getting A Dune Crossover

Rick and Morty is Getting A Dune Crossover

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Good news for fans of interdimensional fiction with a whole lot of drugs, a whole lot of sand, and big, scary worms  – it seems our favorite Back To The Future-inspired Adult Swim series is set to cross over with our favorite rythm-less Timothee Chalamet movie – Dune. 

As the series gears up for its sixth and seventh seasons, it seems yet another endeavor is in the works – namely a dune themed comic installment of the show's comic supplement, entitled Rick and Morty: Hericktics of Rick #. 

“When Rick finds the source of a new, incredibly powerful substance, he lays claim to an entire planet in order to corner the market,” reads the description of the upcoming issue, set to hit shelves in January 2022, per its DCBS listing. “But Rick and Morty aren't the only ones on the recently renamed Arrickis, and the original inhabitants aren't going to go away quietly. Rick and Morty become embroiled in the local political and religious struggle and must escape not only with their lives, but with their minds intact!”

Wubba Lubba Dub-Dune!

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