'Rick & Morty's Co-Creator Made A Bonkers Sci-Fi Game

'Rick & Morty's Co-Creator Made A Bonkers Sci-Fi Game

It's been a big weekend for gamers, as Bethesda and Xbox finally revealed Starfield, their biggest title in a long time too bad it actually looks way less fun than High On Life, a bonkers indie game made by a guy who does funny voices. High On Life looks like it could take place in a Rick & Morty universe where everything is 3D, and that's great. Instead of trying to cash in on the popular brand, Justin Roiland created a new experience where we get the weirdest arsenal we've ever seen in a game. That's a big claim, yeah, we know that the Metal Gear Solid series features actual water pistols and that the Final Fantasy series features weapons that don't know whether they want to be guns or swords. The thing here, however, is that all weapons on High On Life are living beings. They all have their own personality, their own mandatory weird voice, and are also seemingly sacrificing their kids so that we can use them as ammo– yeah, one of the weapons gleefully states that his kids are easy to make, so it's totally cool to shoot them at the enemies.

The most important thing about this title, however, is that even if we forget it's being made by a person whose work most of us loved at least up until some pickle-related meme catastrophe, it still looks damn good. On top of their personalities, which will surely help immerse players in the world, the game looks organic and colorful in a way not many games nowadays do. Look at this:

showcasing the game's gorgeous looks

Squanch Games

The gorgeous looks nearly had us overlooking the inventive space Spider-Man mechanics on display here:

mechanic that allows to place platforms and get to them

Squanch Games

they also nearly had us overlooking how violent it is, but it's violent in a cool way, 

shooting an enemy into the air and getting to explode him is always good game design

Squanch Games

like, not in a way that seems designed to entice kids to join the army.

ripping an enemy's eye/head off

Squanch Games

*unless we're talking about the Space Force. Is that still a thing?

Top Image: Squanch Games


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