'Starfield', Bethesda's New Blockbuster Isn't Looking Good

A rushed game is forever bad, but an overpromised game is forever great (for laughter).
'Starfield', Bethesda's New Blockbuster Isn't Looking Good

We're sorry to bring bad news about overpromising space exploration Simulator RPGs, but we'll share them because we know their fans are more than used to this kind of thing. it seems Starfield, Bethesda's new big follow-up to Fallout 76 Skyrim is going to be less like the awesome Mass Effect, more like the awesomely messy Star Citizen. We previously covered the game's reveal and commented on the weird innovative move of doing a showcase that showed no real gameplay. The gameplay-less showcase made the intended release date of November 11, just 5 months after the reveal, look very unlikely – and it seems we were right. On top of the only in-game footage we have so far being old leaks,

 a now-confirmed rogue insider has just revealed that things aren't looking great with the game. He states that the engine just isn't good, and will ultimately result in graphics inferior to those of Horizon Forbidden West.

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Pictured: Horizon Forbidden West, a game that looks better than even real life.

So what? Even Elden Ring, a game that completely dwarfed Horizon Forbidden West in sales and, arguably, in quality, looks worse than Horizon Forbidden West. Making a new game that looks worse than the new Horizon game is no worse than having a car that's not as fast as a Formula 1 (unless we've spent hundreds of millions of dollars on that car). But there are bigger problems. The space pirate also says that the engine limitations cause another problem, that of crappy flight mechanics that make flying across space just not fun. Even though that's most certainly a big part of a game about flying in space, the insider claims that most other aspects of the game aren't bad.

Well, even if Starfield ends up crashing and burning Fallout 76 style, we'll always have No Man's Sky to go back to. No, that's not a joke – NMS absolutely slaps nowadays.

Top Image: Bethesda

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