'Star Citizen' Fans Are Finally Rising Up?

'Star Citizen' Fans Are Finally Rising Up?

When thinking about bad video game developers, it's easy to find worse people, but it's hard to find more comically obvious schemers than those behind Star Citizen. Yes, the people behind a game that's taken over $400 million out of its backers' pockets are back on their bullsh*t yet again, but there's an important difference this time around! Even the fans are starting to see them for what they really are. 

Credit where credit is due, one strong aspect of this "game" has always been its community. Whenever I joke about one of the game's flaws, at least 10 fans will say it's not actually a flaw, and 100 others will say it's a flaw, but a good one, actually. We respect the loyalty, but things are looking really tough in the galaxy after the devs announced they'd abandon their roadmap system.


Angry but still the most respectful citizens in the galaxy

Let's not mince words here: the concept of a roadmap in a game that has been missing its most important milestones for nearly a decade here is all but useless, but it served at least as the company's last semblance of transparency. The devs released a lengthy statement, one that reads more like a kid throwing a tantrum than an actual statement from a hundred million dollar company. 

In it, we can read that the developers are pissed that the fans keep looking at the roadmap and seeing what's there as if it means anything. Excuse me, Mr fan, didn't you get the note that this is a cult and you're just meant to pay us for the chance to pay us even harder in the future? The statement goes on to classify the fans' questioning of the decision as “noise”. Someone, please show this company how good they have it when it comes to fandom, and perhaps also show the fans that there are many other games – games that they can actually play – in dire need of fans as tolerant as they are.

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