5 Video Game Glitches So Good They Should Be The Norm

Sometime you break a game for the better of all.
5 Video Game Glitches So Good They Should Be The Norm

While most glitches are pop and piss on everyone's fun, a few rare ones add layers of absurdist awesomeness that no developer could have predicted. Ones that break the game in a way that publishers should do nothing to them other than making them standard in future installments ...

Fallout 76's Below-Underground Lair

Fallout 76 is a volatile bug-filled game that tries to do a surprisingly realistic depiction of post-nuclear Earth ... too bad that also prevents it from being playable or fun. While utter instability detracted many players from enjoying it, some adapted. Enter Mrs P123, who found herself at odds not with the game's technical problems, but with her murder-happy neighbors. In a twisted stroke of genius, she decided to use the former to help with the latter by building a private lair worthy of Doctor Strange. 

Theoretically, Fallout 76 only allows for the creation of above ground settlements, and, with some bug-powered magic, Mrs P created a gloriously glitched-out murder maze.

Bethesda Softworks
"We need something that can stand up to the infinite emptiness of non-reality. Grab some 2x4s."

If It looks both incredible and impossible, that because it should be. That's not a regular underground city, that's a settlement built atop an endless void. And while it looks exquisite, it was hard as hell to build, as the construction of each different structure requires the mastering of new and mostly unknown glitches.

But it does pay off when it comes to privacy as a vast array of timely demises await any grifter that might show up.

Bethesda Softworks
In a world of power armor and laser guns, it's nice to see someone still willing to go full Wile E. Coyote.

While living in an under-underground void might not seem ideal ... at least it's better than playing regular Fallout '76.

Jason Bourne-ing The Hell Out Of Dark Souls 2

One of the reasons why Soulsborne games are so hard is because everything is out to get you -- even the ground. At the start of Dark Souls 2, a short fall is all it takes to do you in. That sucks because the starting area of the game also features a well in serious need of looting. Luckily, speedrunners found a solution to the problem: Having the fall break someone else.

All you have to do is bully a poor NPC to the edge of a ledge and push him in while grabbing him with a parry-stab. Your fall breaker will die knowing the feeling of turning their bones into digital Jell-O while you walk away without a scratch.

Bandai Namco
"Don't worry about the fall; you'll bleed to death long before you hit bottom."

While it might look a little like a dick move, it looks a lot more like totally rad as hell. Besides, if it's good enough for Jason Bourne, it's good enough for you.

Universal Pictures
Along with an extra who was in no way clearly a department store mannequin.

Sadly, the move, aptly called the "SoulsBourne" (by us, right now), hasn't dropped in on any sequels.  

Battlefield 1 Lightspeed Jump

Battlefield 1's "bayonet charge glitch" allows running players to sprint at speeds so fast they finally get to the answer to, "What if The Flash picked sides regarding the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand?"

EA Games
EA Games
"Fuuuuucccckkkkk yoooouuuuu Kaaaaiiiissseeerrr Whhhiiilllhhheeelllmmm!!!!!"

It's a marvel to witness even when it's a newbie discovering the glitch's full power by accident, ending up lightspeeding to the wrong place at the wrong time:

EA Games

And when fully mastered, it's the closest thing to a hyperspace simulator you can experience outside of dropping acid before watching Return Of The Jedi ...

EA Games

But to truly grasp the power of the bayonet charge glitch, you must see it used against you.

EA Games
And that's the last thing you'll ever see.

Becoming A Snake On Call Of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty is a series that feels like it has been going stale for the past five decades despite having only been out for less than two. However, in June of 2020, a hilariously cool but completely unintended addition to COD: Modern Warfare's gameplay appeared via something they called the "snake glitch." 

For a while, any player who found a car could just perform a few moves near it, and their characters would instantly learn the ways of the snake, which is not to be confused with the ways of the snake your dad taught your mom in a car that led to you. 

Wait, infantry with wheels isn't a thing?

On top of making the glitch users move in a way so ridiculous, it's sure to affect the aim of even the most serious of enemies, the snake glitch also locked the player's hitbox in the prone position, but allowed for the player to act as if he were still standing. This means they could shoot you over a wall while lying down completely hidden; not even allowing their enemies to have the destruction of their squad via poop scooting super snakes as their final memory.

Why Fight When You Can Fly To A Peaceful Victory In Street Fighter V

Have you ever hoped you could win a match in a fighting game in a peaceful way? *cricket noises* Okay, fair enough, they're called fighting games for a reason. But it would be hilarious if you could, and, in Street Fighter V, you kind of can. Players found a glitch while playing as Chun-Li, where they could fly so high they got completely outside of reach. And we don't mean just your opponent, we mean God's reach. All they need to do is hit the enemy once to gain a slight health lead, then fly away until the timer runs out, and the other fighter loses due to a combination of gravity and shame.

"Ascend To Heaven" seems like a move that'd have more particle effects.

While it seems like a cheap shot that could only work on our little brother who's never played a fighting game before, the pros were quick to start playing with it and found obnoxious pacifism to be a very practical tool. Not long after, organizers everywhere banned the glitch from all competitive tournaments. Too bad. Imagine a tournament where every fight consisted of fighters trying to get one hit in to get a punch advantage and then running away until the final bell rang. But, don't fret; you could just watch any Floyd Mayweather fight and the exact same feeling.

Top image: EA Games

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