How 22 Celebs Got Their Stage Names

These will definitely make you want to change your name.
How 22 Celebs Got Their Stage Names

Magazine covers may try to persuade readers that celebrities are just like them, even though we all know the truth there. For one thing, they can't go food shopping in ordinary clothes and without appearing in fashion magazines. As if that weren't horrible enough, some celebrities are forced to conceal their backgrounds once they achieve stardom. Actors alter their surnames for a variety of reasons, ranging from people with exotic identities who wish to sound more mainstream to those that want to stand out in a homogenous crowd of superstars.

It's not unusal, even though Cruise sounds cooler than Mapother, that superstars end up with different names than the ones they started with. A lot of the time, a renowned person's stage name has a fascinating, and sometimes salacious, backstory.

Burritomouth deserves credit for coming up with this concept, even though the roots of his name are unknown. Want to know what we’re talking about? Be a dear and scroll on down…

Peter Hernandez's father called him Bruno because he thought his chunky son resembled pro wrestler. Bruno Sammartino. AS he began his path to stardo
Ne-Yo's stage name comes from The Matrix. A good friend of the singer told him he was like NEO, but for music, because of his ability to churn out son
Kit Harington goes by his childhood nickname, Kit. His parents didn't tell him his name is really Christopher, not Kit, until he was 11.
Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins was born Henry Garfield, but changed his name to confuse the LAPD. His bandmates knew that being in a high-profile p
Terry Bollea appeared on a radio show alongside Lou Ferrigno. The presenter noted that the 6'7 300-pound d-coming wrestler was bigger than the guy pl
Faheem Najm's stage name TEPALIN is short for Tallahassee Pain, in reference to the hardships of growing up in Tallahassee, Florida. CRAGKEDCOM
Ralph Lauren changed his last name, Lifshitz, because he was constantly made fun of when he was a kid. CRACKED.COM
Slash got his nickname from actor Seymour Casselwhen he was a kid. He was always running around in a hurry, so Cassel labeled him Slash, and the name
Michael Caine was originally known as Michael Scott but there was already a Michael Scott in the actors' union He was joining. He was given half an ho
CRACy The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre took that name to boost his self-esteem. Lifor He was born Charles Levine and, whenever his mom was mad
CRACKED.COM MOSTR MOSTRA INTERN INTERN O'ARTE DARTE CINEM CINEMAT VENEZIA MN24 30 Nicolas Kim Coppola changed his name to Nicolas Cage after he got in
Tyler Okonma used to have three MySpace accounts- the first two accounts were named Tyler , and he couldn't think of a name for the most
Mindy Kaling's real name is Vera Mindy Chokalingam. She was given the name Mindy because her mother was a big fan of Robin Williams! Mork and Mindy. S
Frank Ocean's last name was inspired by a movie. Born Christopher Breaux. the singer took his stage name after watching the original Ocean's 11. CRACK
Halsey shares her stage name with the street in Brooklyn where she decided to become a musician. rt IO X It's also an anagram of her first name, Ashle
Richard VCheechl! Marin got his stage name the moment he was born. When his uncle saw baby Marin in the crib, he said that the future comedian looked
Gordon Sumner often wore a yellow and black sweater his girlfriend had knitted for him. His bandmates at the time mocked him, telling him he looked li
Lin-Manuel Miranda's name comes from a poem about the Vietnam War. Lin-Manuel's dad Luis read Nana Roja Para Mi Hijo Lin Manuel in his teens and kep
Grimes got her name because of MySpace's web design. You could have 3 music genres on your MySpace page, so she picked 'grime' 3 times. She had no ide
Thanks to her bullies, Lea Michele dropped her last name. Michele used to get called 'Lea So-fatty' and 'Lea So-farty' a lot, since her last name was
LeVar Burtons's proper frst name is Levardis, but he changed it to LeVar because he wanted to be an actor, and thought LeVar... rhymes with 'star
Joel Zimmerman came up with the name deadmau5 when he found a dead mouse in his computerwhile trying to change his graphics card. Analog
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