Variants of Rick and Morty, Ranked

One hundred years, Morty! One hundred Ricks and Mortys, too!
Variants of Rick and Morty, Ranked

If Rick and Morty had a more accurate title, itd be called Ricks and Mortys (and Jerrys and Summers and At Least Two Beths). This show has introduced hundreds and hundreds of multiversal iterations of its main characters, some of which could actually pull off multi-season series of their own. 

So lets get our Interdimensional Cable Boxes ready and try to tune into the reality where theres a hit show about…

Cowboy Rick and Cowboy Morty


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Hey, what do you know! Its a cowboy version of Rick and Morty! (That we briefly see in the Citadel of Ricks.) We dont know much, or anything really, about these dimension-hoppin pardners, but one thing is for sure: Y'all don't have to worry about Cowboy Morty. Those guns are just props.

Rookie Cop Rick and Dirty Cop Morty


Season Threes The Ricklantis Mixup/Tales from the Citadel could perfectly be a backdoor pilot for a full show about that jaded and corrupt Cop Morty and his uncharacteristically idealistic Cop Rick partner — if, you know, one of them hadnt ended up dead by the others hand in the same episode. Aw, geez. 

Doofus Rick and His Dad Jerry


Doofus Ricks official partner may be Eric Stoltz from Mask Morty, but we all know the real dream team is Doofus Rick and Jerry. After all, it was Jerry who inspired the worst Rick of them all to create one of the greatest Rick inventions in any universe: instant ovenless brownies. Who needs to eat poop when youve got that? This guy, according to the other Ricks, but still.

Defendant Rick Allen and Judge Morty Durham Jr.


What started as Justin Roiland reading a ridiculous but somehow real court transcript in Rick and Mortys voices led to a rough animatic of what the scene would look like on the show, then a spot-on fan-made animation, and finally to Judge Morty being made canon by the Pocket Mortys mobile game (hes an evolution of Lawyer Morty from Season Threes The Rickshank Redemption). 

We could easily listen to these two childishly insult each other every week for several seasons — ideally, without any real people getting murdered this time. 

Rick Prime and Evil Morty


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We all know its only a matter of time before the cruel Rick, who murdered our Ricks family, and the manipulative serial killer Morty who conned his way into the Citadels presidency (only to destroy it and kill thousands) partner up. We also know its either gonna be the most dramatic moment in the entire series or a four-second gag where they fart on each other and die instantly or something.

Live-Action Rick and Morty


No, not live-action Rick and Morty as in Doc Brown and Marty McFly, but close enough. The reality in which Rick is portrayed by Back to the Futures Christopher Lloyd and Morty by Its Jaeden Martell has officially been designated as Dimension C-1.21 by the Rick and Morty Twitter account, hinting at the possibility that we may one day see this pair in more than just 13-second teasers. The only thing that would have made this better is if theyd gone with Lloyds old buddy Danny DeVito for the Morty role. 

Morty Rick (or Rick Morty)


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Is he a Morty who is a Rick? A Rick who is a Morty? Something else entirely? This curious hybrid variant was seen only once in The Rickshank Redemption and then never acknowledged again until a card game that identified him as Scientist Morty, but that was enough to spawn a fan theory that claims Morty is actually Ricks larval form. Whatever the explanation might be, it stands to reason that this show would be a lot more efficient if it starred a combined version of its two main characters. Might as well fold the superfluous family members into a single entity named Jersummeth while were at it. 

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