Easter Eggs

Easter eggs began as a way for video game designers to hide in-jokes and secrets (sometimes dirty secrets), but it was only a matter of time before they started making their way into other art forms. Back to the Future made early use of easter eggs…for dirty reasons. Geez, are all of these NSFW? We sure hope so!

Just kidding, that'd 1) be boring after a while and 2) have you clicking away to go beat some eggs of your own. Nah, we're here to dive down rabbit holes like the thirsty MCU and DC fans we are. And this is Cracked, so you know we've got Arrested Development easter eggs. We've even got prestige film easter eggs! We've got easter eggs for multi-linguists, and easter eggs for people who thrive on drama and crisis

Now: read all these articles, then see the clever easter eggs we tucked away in those two paragraphs. We're sure you can find them. Just make sure your boss isn't looking at your computer.


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