'Back To The Future's Dirty Easter Egg Hid A Behind-The-Scenes Joke

Call it “Chekhov’s porno theater.”
'Back To The Future's Dirty Easter Egg Hid A Behind-The-Scenes Joke

Back to the Future is full of easter eggs; from “Twin Pines” mall becoming“Lone Pines” following Marty McFly’s journey to the past,  to the entire movie serving as a psychological allegory for Marty’s raging sexual anxieites. And speaking of sex, ever notice that Hill Valley is the home of a broken clock tower, an aerobics gym and … a 24-hour porno theater?

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In 1955, the Essex Theater was showing a Ronald Reagan cowboy picture, abd in 2015 it was showing the 19th Jaws movie that we sadly never got in real life. But in 1985, the Essex was a straight-up porno theater, showing something called Orgy American Style – which we’re guessing featured neither Reagan nor a giant rubber shark.

It turns out Orgy American Style is a real X-rated movie from 1973, apparently about a “voluptuous and sultry foxy owner of a pirate radio station.” And it was likely chosen for the marquee seen in the movie as part of an extremely deep-cut joke. Remember when Marty makes it back to 1985, he encounters a guy named “Red,” the unhoused gentleman thoughtlessly blocking an advertisement for California Raisins?

Red is played by a guy named George “Buck” Flower, who also appeared in ‘80s movies like They Live and Starman, and before that, he was in … Orgy American Style. Yup, although credited as “Buck La Fleur,” Flowers was in the porno playing in the theater from Back to the Future. We’re guessing that this inside joke was probably the handiwork of the production designer, or another crew member, because co-screenwriter Bob Gale once claimed that he didn’t even know if Orgy American Style was a real movie or not. No word if anyone in the cast or crew was involved with the live sex show from the alternate universe 1985.

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