12 Brilliant Jokes Hiding In Movie Credits

Here’s why you should never fast-forward through the credits.
12 Brilliant Jokes Hiding In Movie Credits

You know that guy who stays in the movie theater until the lights come up, after a movie? Turns out there's a really good reason to do that. Some of the best, cleverest Easter eggs are hidden in the credits.

Plus, you get that sweet, sweet satisfaction of spotting things like ...

Wes Craven got back at an uncooperative school board in the credits for Scream. NO THANKS WHATSOEVER TO THE SANTA ROSA CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT GOVERNING
The credits for Split are designed in a way that mirrors the protagonist's psyche. Dr.Fletcher's Patient KATE JACOBY Taxi Orheer PETER PATRIKIOS Flowe
The opening credits for Scott Pilgrim us. The World reference something about every main character. For example: sso AUBREY PLAZA Aubrey Plaza's chara
The producers of An American Werewolf in London felt the need to counterbalance the fact that Prince Charles gets called gay in the movie. Lycanthro
Rogue One's Keeper of the Holocron credit in the Lucasfilm section isn't an Easter egg, but somebody's real job title. rcative UiSig Keeper of the H
The credits for 1987's RoboCop lay out especially severe consequences for copyright violation. THIS MOTION PICTURE IS PROTECTED UNDER THE LAWS OF THE
12 Brilliant Jokes Hiding In Movie Credits
There's a hidden sex joke in the credits for the PG-rated Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. SNIOR PAc STEVEADAMSON Erthe MOTIon CONTRLOL CAALE
Jessica Chaffin's boobs were credited in The Heat, because the director thought it would be funny and fought for it. ESSICA GINA CHAFFID JESSICA CHAFF
The credits for Frozen include a punchline for a throwaway booger gag. The views and opinions expressed by Kristoff in the film that all men eat their
The Two Towers credits have a cryptic message in a strange language. He maungarongo ki te whenua He whakaaro pai ki nga tangata katoa It's not Elvish
The credits for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 riffed on the usual No animals were harmed movie disclaimer. No raccoons or tree creatures were harme


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