15 Easter Eggs You Missed (If You're Monolingual)

15 Easter Eggs You Missed (If You're Monolingual)

There are many reasons your life is better if you speak more than one language, but none better than understanding dumb jokes in movies and TV shows. Sharing culture and communicating with others unlike you? No. Understanding horrible jokes in Seinfeld is the supreme reason to become multilingual.

While most television shows are typically made for one language, requiring you to only understand English or French or German or have the ability to flip on subtitles, a lot of times the creators like to slip some jokes – or even complicated messages about boring things like plot or theme – in there using a different one. Show-offs. These little bons mots are a Gesamtkunstwerk of language that allows you to feel inteligente if you understand what’s happening. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes they’re stupid; either way you can laugh while your friends stare on cluelessly (or you can just read below and get a leg up on your bilingual friends).

Lord Business' TAKOS plan involves an Octopus robot, the very thing "tako" means in Japanese

Easter Eggs for Polyglots The Lego Movie octopus Tuesday! Lord Business' Taco Tuesday is about the octopus-like TAKOS machine - and as it turns out, tako is Japanese for octopus.

Source: Wikipedia

Iron Man 2 villain warns that his robots will make fireworks (in Russian)

Easter Eggs for Polyglots Iron Man 2 Fireworks Whiplash tells Hammer the drones he created can make salute. Salyut is Russian for fireworks - exactly what the drones end up becoming.

Source: Wiktionary

Hellfire’s chanting lacks an admission of guilt

Easter Eggs for Polyglots The Hunchback of Notre Dame It is my fault. As Frollo sings It's not my fault the chorus sings mea culpa, Latin for my most grievous fault. The entire chanting is from the Confiteor - a prayer of recognition of sin, and desperate forgiveness from it. CRACKED.COM

Source: fpx.de

Hercules has a joke about being retired that only works in Greek

Easter Eggs for Polyglots Hercules TWO words exactly. Two words, Phil replies as Hercules asks for his help. I am retired! In Greek, that is Είμαι συνταξιούχος Come on, count the words.

Source: Google Translate


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