15 Weird Reasons We Have Sex, According To Science

For how obsessed we are with bumping uglies, the majority of us are entirely clueless about it. And we aren't just talking about exactly how babies are made -- we're talking about pretty much every aspect involved with sex.

There are endless studies conducted about sex, that answer a whole bunch of questions you never even realized you had. For example ...

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Men fake it too. UTUTSS A study conducted by the University of Kansas in 2010 shows that 28% of men have faked an orgasm. CRACKED COM

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A study shows a connection between pants fabric and sex drive. The study was conducted by Ahmed Shafik and examined the sex drives of mice when wearin

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White middle-aged women are highly sexually active. A 2014 study found that middle-aged white women are over three times as likely as middle- women on

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Men under stress find heavier women more sexually attractive. A Male participants in a study were asked to take a simulated job interview and give a 5

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CRACKEDcO A study in The Netherlands suggested that sexual arousal can suppress disgust. The subjects were shown either a film of erotica, sporting ev

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According to research, a boy's chance. of being gay increases with each older male sibling he has. Researchers erplain that this has to do with the mo

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Supposedly,opposites attract, but in fact... A computer simulation study revealed people are actually are most attracted to faces that resembled their

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Having more sex makes you happier? Not always. Turns out, quality matters much more than quantity. In a 2015 study, one group of couples was instructe

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CRACKED COM Want to turn on your girlfriend or wife? Skip the cologne, please. In a study where female genitals were hooked to a device that detects v

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WHEN IT COMES TO HOOKING UP, CATHOLIC UNIVERSITIES TAKE THE LEAD. XXYTTODDOCO Regardless of their religion, female students at Catholic-affiliated uni

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CRACKEDcO Sexual preferences of female body types vary according to geographic locations. 11 A survey reveals that people from nations with lower -eco

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Researchers took group of and a men women, and some gay straight, and were some were THEN hooked them up to machines that would their arousal levels.

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If you own a cat, there's a big chance you're into BDSM. According to a study, a type of parasite found in cats known as Toxoplasma gondii could make


Gamers may have a decreased sexual desire. An Italian study found that men who play video games for more than one hour a day are more likely to have a


According to a Kenyan study, having a larger penis increases the likelihood of your wife cheating on you. TT'Tp'Tm The study found that women associ