15 Healthy Foods (That Really Aren't)

There might be no bigger industry on the planet loaded with con artists than the food business. Making heads or tails about what you can put into your body without completely destroying it is harder than anything you've ever had to study in school.

Well, because we're in the business of sticking it to the Man and exposing bullshit, maybe we can help make your research a little easier.

Entry by Tokoyoto

A chicken pot pie from KFC has 790 calories. That's about 11 hot wings. It also has almost twice the recomended daily allowance for saturated fat. and

Entry by Lolly~

Dieters believe Quinoa is a lower calorie alternative to rice. Quinoa is 222 calories a cup when cooked. Brown rice, cooked, is 216 calories per cup.

Entry by lemonstar

Too much sugar-free candy can give you explosive diarrhea. The sugar alcohols used to sweeten the candy cannot be completely digested. As it works thr

Entry by Lolly~

Turkey is usually a good alternative to heavier meats. However, deli turkey meat is usually loaded with nitrates and sodium. Nitrates have been linked


Fat-free salad dressing isn't really Fenctore Hih good for Corn you. Fre Fat Eructose Hiah Core Syrupl Freg Fat Mple Geselhss Ventiont Fat Free Caesar

Entry by Lolly~

CRACKEDCON Muffins contain con as much, if not more, sugar aind fat than doughnuts Your or cupcakes. breakfast staple is better off dessert! as al

Entry by Andrea Meno

SPINACH AND TOMATO PASTA ARE NO HEALTHIER THAN REGULAR PASTA. The nutritional value of regular and vegetable-flavored pasta is almost identical. The v

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED COM You ordered a wrap instead of a sandwich, thinking that it has a lower calorie count. Turns out, wraps are worse than bread. Wraps often c

Entry by Lolly~

Many health conscious dieters believe that sweet potato fries are a healthier alternative to regular fries. But that's not exactly true. The calorie c

Entry by Andrea Meno

Nuts can be a healthy high-protein snack only if you opt for unsalted varieties. Salted mixed nuts contain nearly 100mg of sodium per ounce. CRACKED.C

Entry by Lolly~

Frozen yogurt, although better than full-fat ice cream, can still pack quite a sugar punch. Plain vanilla has about 34 grams of sugar a cup! That's mo


15 Healthy Foods (That Really Aren't)

Entry by Andrea Meno

Banana chips have surprisingly low nutritional value. A SERVING OF BANANA CHIPS HAS ALMOST 5 TIMES THE CALORIES AS THE SAME SERVING OF BANANAS. Plus,


An individual side of coleslaw at KFC has more fat than one of their Original Recipe chicken drumsticks! KFC CRACKED COM


A tablespoon CRACKED.OON of ketchup has four grams of sugar. Which is more than a regular chocolate chip cookie.