13 Bad Ideas That Should Have Been Stopped Earlier

It's human nature to have bad ideas. Sometimes those ideas can actually work out unexpectedly well, but sometimes a bad idea is … just that. Here are some mistakes in history to learn from…


A mental health facility added a tall tower BRATTLEBORO, VERMONT CRACKEDce cOM Brattleboro Retreat in 1887 added a tall tower to aid patients' health

Source: Atlas Obscura


Curing rheumatism by climbing into a whale carcass AUSTRALIA In 1896, health experts suggested patients climb into beached whales for up to 30 hours,

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Goldfish- challenges HARVARD In 1920s, Ivy League frat boys would swallow live golfish for attention. This was a whole trend, started by one guy's $10

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The U.S. once considered nuking the moon UNITED STATES CRACKEDO During the Cold War, the U.S. considered detonating a nuclear bomb in a crater to show

Source: Gov Tech


Radioactive toothpaste GERMANY Doramad Rodiooktive Lahncrme CRACKEDCON Produced in 1940 to 1945, Doramad toothpaste contained small amounts of thorium

Source: Gizmodo


Two rival gangs decided to have a friendly soccer match MEXICO CRACKEDG On New Years Day, 2020, the prison game resulted in 16 deaths and 5 injuries.

Source: SportsBible


The Australian Army started the Emu War AUSTRALIA CRACKEDCOMT In 1932, the Australian Army, armed with machine guns, unsuccessfully attempted an opera

Source: Scientific American


Pepsi once owned 17 submarines and 3 warships SOVIET UNION -hie ENC:KORA NENCW-KO MENCW Schweppes NENCU-KOTIA RANES PGHOl KYPABAMH EE CRACKED In a tra

Source: Atlas Obscura


Groupon rejected Google's $6 billion takeover offer CHICAGO GROUPON CRACKEDCONM I'm all in support of not selling out to a tech monopoly, but they tur

Source: TheStreet


NASA forgot to convert units from English to metric. HOUSTON, TEXAS CRACKEDCON The avoidable mistake meant Mars Climate Orbiter burned up in space, co

Source: Wired


A variety show told an audience of 1000 children that they had free toys. SUNDERLANND, UK CRACKED cO 183 children died in the stampede that followed,

Source: Smithsonian Magazine


NASA didn't listen to their engineers before the Challenger explosion. HOUSTON, TEXAS CRACKED COM Two engineers warned rubber seals would explode in t

Source: NPR


Navy pilots damaged helicopters taking a Facebook photo LAKE TAHOE CRACKEDc Two pilots caused half a million dollars in damage trying to take a cool p

Source: The Atlantic