15 Movie And TV Adaptations That Ditched The Source Material

Different media are, well, different. A book is not a movie, and a comic is not a TV show. What works on paper may not work on the screen, and some things you can read about, but you definitely don’t want to see. Changes are inevitable when you’re adapting something.

And then there’s these. The people behind each of these adaptations took the original work as just a bunch of suggestions they couldn’t be bothered to follow -- and amazingly, in some cases it worked. Still, you have to wonder why they took the trouble to get the rights to the original at all, don’t you?


THE BEASTMASTER The books by Andre Norton: A science- fiction western with a Navajo protagonist. The movie: A blond ConaSource: Syfy Wire


X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST The comic: Kitty Pryde is sent into the past by psychic Rachel Summers. The movie: The more lucrative Wolverine is sSource: Comic Book


HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON The movie: Hiccup learns to ride Toothless. The books by Cressida Cowell: Toothless is tiny, and he rides on Hiccup. CSource: Gique


THE MASK The movie: The mask turns Stanley Ipkiss into a living Looney Tune. The comic: The mask turns Stanley Ipkiss into a sadistic murderer. Source: The Ringer


BLADE RUNNER The book by Philip K. Dick: A bounty hunter chases fugitive androids - who look just lSource: The Take


THE BOYS The comic: The Boys work for the government - and they all have superpowers. The show: The Boys are an independent team of (mostly) regular pSource: Screen Rant


MARY POPPINS The books by P. L. Travers: Mary Poppins is a harsh, unlikable nanny. The movie: Mary Poppins is theSource: Book Riot


CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN The book: The real-life story of two engineers, and how efficiently they manage their large family. The movie: A coSource: LittleThings.com


WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT ROGER The book by Gary K. Wolf: Roger, a comic strip character, is murdered. The movie: Roger, a cartoon cSource: Screen Rant


SHREK The book by William Steig: Shrek is ugly and misanthropic to the core (and happy about it.) The movie: Shrek has lSource: Salon


THE LAWNMOWER MAN The short story by Stephen King: A creepy groundskeeper worships the Source: Screen Rant


AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON The Marvel comics: Ultron was created by Hank Pym, and his mind is based on Pym's brainwaves. The movie: Ultron is Tony Stark'sSource: CBR


MEN IN BLACK The comic: The MIB cover up all kinds of paranormal activity, while being humorless and ruthless. The movie: The MIB keep tabs on aliens Source: CBR


I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER The book by Lois Duncan: Four high-school friends accidentally kill a boy, andSource: The A.V. Club


THE RAVEN The poem by Edgar Allan Poe: A man grieving for his lost Lenore is driven mad by a bird. The Roger Corman movie: Rival wizards duke it out iSource: 13th Dimension