15 Movie 'Monsters' That Are Bafflingly Silly

Right out of the gate, you know that whatever aliens, mummies, or undead raccoons you see in a horror movie aren't real -- so you can't be legitimately afraid of them. You have to cooperate with the movie for it to work. Of course, when the filmmakers are competent and take their job seriously, they will do their best to help you, using fangs, claws, and blood-curling screeches.

These aren't that. In all these cases, filmmakers either failed to grasp what makes a person feel fear, or just didn't care. Maybe they were mocking the human folly of actively seeking to shrink from imagined threats. Whatever the reason, they delivered these... things. You won't be afraid of them, no matter how much you try. But maybe a couple will cause you to scratch your head in bafflement, and hopefully, that'll be substitute enough.


In The Happening, humans are attacked by KILLER TREES. You knew this one had to be up here, right? These aren't even monster trees -- just regular Source: The Atlantic


In Dreamcatcher, the woods are crawling with BUTT LEECHES. At first blush, there's nothing really wrong with the aliens in this movie. Except that theSources: HeadStuff, YouTube


The terror in Amityville 4 is caused by A DEMON LAMP. The Amityville franchise's original conceit was that it's all true- but believability is stretchSource: And You Call Yourself a Scientist!


Watch out when swimming in the ocean- you might encounter A GHOST SHARK. The movie is even called Ghost Shark, SO you know right away what you're signSource: YouTube


If you don't celebrate Independence Day, UNCLE SAM will get you. You'd better respect the red, white, and blue- or else, an undead war hero dressed asSource: YouTube


The monster in The A Creeping looks like SLOW Terror MOVING CARPET. This bundle of fluff comes at you very, very, very slowly- which doesn't hinder itSource: The Revenant Review


In The Stuff, the world is taken over by EVIL ICE CREAM. This isn't your regular Ben & Jerry's- the Stuff is naturally occurring, intelligent, aggressSource: Den of Geek


People in The Lift are picked off one by one by AN ELEVATOR. This “evil” elevator kills people just like a regular elevator would (that is, by folks nSource: The 5 Most Half-Assed Monsters in Movie History


In Robot Monster, humanity is annihilated by A GORILLA IN A DIVING HELMET. The robot monster looks like neither a robot nor a monster. As it turned Source: Moria


Watch out when you lie on... A BED. The movie is called Death Bed: The Bed That Eats, to make sure you get what's happening. Luckily for this hungry bSource: The 5 Most Half-Assed Monsters in Movie History


In Night of the Lepus, a town is overrun by HUGE BUNNIES. Making a fluffy rabbit 200 times bigger doesn't make it scary- it only makes it 200 times moSource: The 5 Most Half-Assed Monsters in Movie History


Characters in Maximum Overdrive are terrorized by SENTIENT TRUCKS. These aren't Decepticons or anything -- they're regular trucks, somehow brought to Source: Den of Geek


In Rubber, deaths are caused by A CAR TIRE. A discarded tire randomly comes to life, and is soon killing people and animals with its psychic powers. ISource: YouTube