Bizarre Lies 19 Famous People Thought They'd Get Away With

We're about to drop a bombshell on you: Famous people lie. It's shocking, we know. What with all their upstanding behavior, goodwill toward those of lesser means, and never-ending tendency to show us their genitals, we understand that this might be a tough pill to swallow. But it happens. And here you'll see some pretty serious stuff that most people seem to have forgotten about.

We're talking about things like ...


P. Diddy bragged about his private jet. Then said gas cost SO much, he had to ditch it. Turned out though that there was no jet registered under his nSource: Palm Beach Post


Dustin Diamond put out a Saved By The Bell book. He said he was writing the juicy stuff no one knew. Turned out he may not have written the book at alSource: Variety


Eddie Redmayne had to audition for Elizabeth I. He claimed he knew how to ride a horse. He didn't, so first time he tried, he nearly fell off and diedSource: Vanity Fair


Joaguin Phoenix said he was engaged on Letterman. Within 24 hours, he admitted it was a lie. There's plenty of joking on late-night, but he'd feigned Source: Hollywood Reporter


Actor Brian Dennehy said he'd been a Marine. For years, he bragged of his Vietnam service. He was actually stationed in Japan ... in the Marines' athlSource: CBS


Meg and lack White said they were siblings. Then the news found their marriage certificate. And no, they weren't siblings AND married. Jack later explSource: Rolling Stone


Rick Ross raps about non-stop hustling. He even took his name from a drug kingpin. He was actually a prison guard before rapping. After the story brokSource: MTV


Lindsay Lohan had to do community service. She handled Whitney Houston's body bag. Or so she claimed, calling it an annoying chore criminals shouldn'tSource: LA Times


Jim Morrison said his parents were dead. They were alive- he just didn't like them much. Morrison's father did eventually try to mend the rift, reachiSource: Reuters


Scotl Thompson was Yahoo's CEO. He claimed a bachelor's in computer science. His B.S. degree turned out to be BS, as came out during a shareholder strSource: NY Times


Rapper Tyga claimed he grew up in Compton. Then made a video about growing up in the Valley. Tyga later said that this video was scripted. To this daySource: MTV


In 2014, Haruko Obokata wrote an amazing paper. Stem cells could be made quickly and cheaply. A few months later, after 100 attempts in seven labs worSource: Nature


Mike Daisey told of a meeting a man in China. A man who'd lost a hand making iPads. And yet the man had never seen a finished iPad, until Daisey showeSource: NPR


Bill O'Reilly witnessed all sorts of combat. In the Falklands, Northern Ireland, E Salvador ... News sites found he was lying. For example, he said heSource: CNN


Manti Te'o said his girlfriend died of cancer. The story pushed him to a a Heisman Trophy. Girlfriend Kekua wasn't real. Te'o claims he only learned hSource: Vanity Fair


Musician Billy Tipton was born Dorothy Tipton. Not even the women who lived with him knew it. Tipton had five long-term relationships in his life, eacSource: NY Times


Robin Thicke claimed credit for Blurred Lines. Then Marvin Gaye's estate sued. Thicke then changed his tune, pointing at his producer and claiming PSource: Hollywood Reporter


Mila Kunis auditioned for That '70s Show. She said she'd be 18 on her birthday. That was technically true, but not on her next birthday. Or the one afSource: Us Weekly


Khloe Kardashian bragged about baking. But her Instagram pies looked a little familiar. Sweet Lady Jane bakery owner Jane Lockhart confirmed they wereSource: NY Daily News