18 Negative Initial Reviews Of Famous Works Of Art

If negative feedback on your latest creative endeavor is getting you down, consider some historical context. Here are 18 scathing reviews of famous pieces (or collections) of art made by a contemporary critic.


Bathers At Asnieres by Georges-Pierre Seurat A reviewer for The Sun wrote, This is a picture conceived in a coarse, vulgar, and commonplace mind, theSource: Mental Floss


Paintings by Michelangelo When asked his opinion of Michelangelo, EI Greco said Michelangelo was a good man, but he did not know how to paint. CRACKEDSource: J


A Modern Olympia by Paul Cezanne Mr. Cezanne merely gives the impression of being a sort of madman, painting in a state of delirium tremens, wrote aSource: Musee d'Orsay


Olympia by Edouard Manet The painting caused much scandal. A reviewer said the expression of [Olympia's] face is that of a being prematurely aged andSource: Amberst


Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 by Marcel Duchamp The painting was mocked when it was displayed in the 1913 Armory Show. President Theodore RooseveSource: Archives of American Art


The Last Judgment Michelangelo The fresco was extremely controversial when it was revealed. Literary figure Pietro Aretino claimed that .. .even in aSource: TED


Woman with a Chignon by Pablo Picasso A medical doctor who attempted to have Cubist paintings removed from American Museums said, I have seen the worSource: Park West Gallery


Ophelia John Everett Millais A critic for Atheneum wrote, There must be something strangely perverse in an imagination which souses Ophelia in a weedSource: Madness


Flower paintings by Georgia O'Keeffe Art critic Samuel Kootz said that O'Keeffe's entire collection of flower paintings was a womanly preoccupation wSource: Signs


An Exhibition by Barnett Newman In a review of the exhibition American Paintings, 1945-1947, a critic said the curator could have saved a good chunk Source: Barnett Newman


Shoe by Andy Warhol Any one for shoer In 1956, the Director of the MoMA turned down a free drawing from Warhol, saying, We feel it is not fair to accSource: Barnebys


The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago A reviewer in the New York Times said this of the ow-classic 1979 feminist installment: Nothing more obvious or acceSource: The New York Times


Christ in the House of His Parents by John Everett Millais This painting was extremely controversial. The Times described it as an attempt to associaSource: Seattle Art Museum


Sunrise by Claude Monet wun A preliminary drawing for a wallpaper pattern is more finished than this seascape, wrote art critic Louis Leroy, who coiSource: Agora Gallery


Portrait of Dr. Felix Rey by Vincent Van Gogh Van Gogh gifted this portrait to the subject, Dr. Felix Rey. Rey never cared for it, and his mother usedSource: NCBI


Les Demoiselles d'Avignon by Pablo Picasso Picasso painted the piece in 1907 but didn't display it until 1916 due to the negative initial reaction of Source: PabloPicasso.org


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