Japan Has A Mascot For Absolutely Everything

While American towns are recycling the same 20 or so mascots, almost every municipality in Japan has distilled its essence down to a unique, and quite kawaii, Frankenstein's monster.

The beautiful world of yuru-chara is the only place where a dancing fish-headed businessman can be promoted from fishing co-op mascot to head of PR for an entire city. It's Valhalla for the likes of Gritty and Mr. Met. Here are some of the most bonkers mascots Japan has to offer:


Takanabe Taishi-Kun Based on the Buddhist statues common to the town of Takanabe. Looks like if Thomas the Tank Engine mated with cthulhu. Source: TheTravel.com


Gosshi This leggy carp, who, by the way, is possessed by the soul of a dead soldier, represents Goryokaku park. Source: Mondo Mascots


Melon Kuma He's the official mascot of Yubari City, known for its bears and melons. Canonically, it werebear'd into this monster after eating some loSource: TheTravel.com


Burikatsu-kun tt est fOr 1122 23 E SAN Representing the Association for the Promotion of Sado Island Gourmet, this dude is pretty chipper for someone Source: SoraNews24


Shikisshi The official mascot of Nonaka Studio in Saitama Prefecture is a portrait that paints portraits of other mascots. CRACKED.COM Source: Mondo Mascots


Matagi No Momiji-Chan Hokkaido's gun-toting deer mascot is a hunter of hunters. Guns are super rare in Japan, making its habit of pointing its rifle aSource: TheTravel.com


Shiroi Chitei Teikoku Ninja Jinenjaa This forever screaming ninja yam represents the Association for Supporting Yams of Shiroi. Source: SoraNews24


Kanpachiro Amu Kanoya City Fishermen's Cooperative Association's fish-headed dancing businessman became sO popular that it was promoted to official maSource: Mondo Mascots


Kan-Chan TREE 5phts 39510 0YSX TjS 5 uUD 00 X A utu A ICHUIKY Ao This f-penguin, -enema is the official mascot of lchijiku Pharmaceuticals, who speciaSource: Mondo Mascots


Oji-Nyan This grinning nightmare represents Ota Productions. His hobbies include visiting and dancing for children. CRACKED.COM Source: TheTravel.com


Robo-Sket 01 The Cyberdyne lbaraki Robots' mascot is a sentient basketball who fires basketball projectiles from his fists. Source: Mondo Mascots


Jimmy Hattori The ninja condom who promotes safe sex across all of Japan. Source: TheTravel.com