15 Not-So-Iconic Portrayals Of Iconic Characters

We have told you before how some casting choices that made history were a last-minute replacement. But in other cases, some roles weren't just almost played by different actors -- they were.

It has been said that casting is 90% of filming (or 80%, or 65% -- measurements differ, probably because of the metric system). We don't know if that's the reason why these failed to make a splash. Just look at them, and you tell us.


Harley Quinn was Joker-less long before her emancipation. Dr. Harleen Quinzel, played by Mia Sara, was the main villain in a short-lived Birds of PreySource: CBR.COM


The Doctor regenerated as Rowan Atkinson. Atkinson POLiCE was Mr. Bean and Edmund Blackadder-and he was also everyone's favorite Time Lord in the DoctSource: Entertainment Weekly


lan Holm was a picture-perfect Poirot. David Suchet has been the definitive Hercule Poirot since 1989. But that mantle could have easily gone to Holm,Source: Radio Times


Clouseau looks different in Curse of the Pink Panther. Made after Peter Sellers' death, the movie is not focused on Inspector Clouseau. However, RogerSource: CBS News


J.D. Salinger's A son was Captain America. A Matt Salinger grew up reading Captain America's comics, and in 1990 he got to play the character. Today hSource: GQ


Low-budget Hulk had a low- budget Thor. Long before the MCU, a frat- boyish Thor showed up in The Incredible Hulk Returns, opposite Bill Bixby and LouSource: Tor.com


Peter Cushing was Winston Smith 30 years before 1984. If you think of 1984, you think of John Hurt. But in 1954, none other than Peter Moff Tarkin CSource: BBC


Spider-Man was narrated by Morgan Freeman in the 70s. Spidey's live-action debut was in a recurring skit in the children's show The Electric Company.Source: MeTV


The first Jason Bourne was quite older. In 1988, when Matt Damon was barely 18, ABC aired a three-hour- long adaptation of The Bourne Identity. RicharSource: 7 Bizarre Early Versions of Famous Characters


A sitcom actor played Jack Torrance. Unhappy with Stanley Kubrick's take on The Shining, Stephen King produced his own miniseries adaptation in 1997 wSource: The Dissolve


Kirk Alyn was the first Superman. While not the most iconic performance of the Man of Steel, Alyn was the first actor to ever bring him to life on a sSource: Superman Homepage


The first James Bond was American. Actor Bary Nelson starred in a TV adaptation of Casino Royale eight years before Sean Connery sipped a martini in aSource: Live For Films


Indiana Jones was young once. Sean Patrick Flanery is known as Connor MacManus of The Boondock Saints. Back in the '90s, he played a young Indiana JonSource: Sidewalks Entertainment


Brian Cox was Hannibal Lecter in the '8Os. Cox played the sophisticated people eater in 1986's Manhunter. The movie went mostly unnoticed at the time,Source: Den of Geek


Casper Van Dien was not Patrick Bateman. Van Dien shot a scene as the yuppie serial killer for The Rules of Attraction. The performance didn't make itSource: Director Roger Avary's YouTube channel