The Less-Than-Sexy History of Betty Boop

Betty Boop was featured in 90 animated movies throughout the 1930s, and merchandisers have made sure we haven't forgotten about her since. But where did she come from? And what's with the "boop-oop-a-doop"?

Read about Betty Boop's unexpected origins below.


BETTY BOOP The character Betty Boop was big during the flapper era but fell out of popularity with the rise of swing. You probably know her from her m


BETTY BOOP BEGAN AS A SEXY POODLE. Betty Boop was created by Fleisher Studios. Her first appearance was in 1930 as a nameless canine cabaret singer inSource: Fleischer Studios


A STAR IS BORN. She went on to become the reoccurring love interest for the dog Bimbo. CRACKED.COM Source: Fleischer Studios


SHE BECAME THE STAR OF HER OWN MOVIE SERIES. By 1932, Betty Boop became a real girl and surpassed Bimbo as the studio's most popular character. CRACKESource: Fleischer Studios


BETTY BOOP VS. HELEN KANE Betty Boop had a striking similarity to the popular singer Helen Kane. There was a noticeable resemblance between their appeSource: Uptown Conversation: The New Jazz Studies


KANE SUED FLEISCHER STUDIOS The studio denied that they stole her likeness and instead claimed that Kane had stolen her act from a Black cabaret perfoSource: Uptown Conversation: The New Jazz Studies


BETTY BOOP WAS A COPY OF A COPY. FEATURING BETEY BOOP SATED BIMEO KOKO AND Fleischer later admitted that Betty Boop was based on Kane. Kane never admiSource: Uptown Conversation: The New Jazz Studies