Real Life Easter Eggs Hidden In Plain Sight

Finding an Easter egg in a video game is a unique thrill: some useless treasure, squirreled away by a clever programmer, and you found it!

But here on Earth, there is no Konami code. To find these Easter eggs, all you gotta do is open your eyes, man! And sometimes your ears. Occasionally your wallet. Anyway, here are some neat little treasures that millions of people miss, every day, in the real world:


Real Life Easter Eggs Hidden In Plain SightSource


The 15th Century Geek Chapel 132108-0b. CRACKED COM When the Chapelle de Bethleem underwent a massive facelift in the 1990s, stoneworkers snuck in a fSource


In 2004, an artist secretly installed the planets of the solar system TRANUS around Zagreb, D:5l120kn Croatia. L:2869%6x10kn They're to-scale, in sizeSource


The Transcontinental Airmail Route These gigantic arrows are remnants of a vast Earth-scale roadmap for USPS airmail pilots. Sadly, they don't give yoSource


The Synthpop Modem Hack If you play Information Society's 300bps N, 8, 1 through your phone line, after setting your modem to those specs, you'll doSource


The 7 Noses of London There are 7 sculptures of artist Rick Buckley's own schnoz hiding around central London. BY Street WELCOME CRACKEDCON Here's hopSource


The World's Only Greek Revival Subway rilvclosed Ventilator The MTA purchased and gutted this home in 1908. Flatbush Br ry St Br ark - Pi M M CRACKEDESource


Explore the TARDIS (in Google Maps) 08GOD Navigate to this unassuming Police Box in Earl's Court, click in just the right place, and you're in. Don't Source


Monty Python's Three-Sided Record MONTY ONTY THE PYTHON ALD CICE & TIE 0o MATCHINC This is the holy grail of multisided vinyl records: two distinct trSource


JEEP'S SECRET COPILOTS Since 2011, designers have been installing these little companions, mainly in Wranglers, Cherokees, and Renegades. CIAo BilinguSource


Real Life Easter Eggs Hidden In Plain SightSource


Camouflaged Oil Rigs in Los Angeles CRACKED COM Other than Tiktok teens and Red Hot Chili Peppers, oil is LA's most abundant resource. Source