Mindblowing Art That The Crisis Produced

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Coping with all this is incredibly hard, and the way some people do it is by making art. Luckily for the rest of us, they're usually only too happy to share it.

And we get incredible creations like:


Many artists worked together on The Quarantine Coloring Book. A new page is released online every day, by a new artist, and it's 100% free. Sara TayloSource: Alternative Press, The Quarantine Coloring Book


India's folk artists are painting PSAS in traditional Artists from Dastkar, an Indian society for crafts and craftspeople, are making art showing peopSource: BBC News


A pizzeria owner built a little pirate ship in quarantine. Dustin Kringer converted his Jet Ski into a pirate ship without any plans- he just went ouSource: Syracuse.com


COVID is all over street art from Berlin to Denver. The visual style and the themes range widely, but a common theme all over the world is depicting hSource: The New York Times


The Covid Art Museum on Instagram has a ton of amazing pandemic-related artwork. There's art from all over the world- the museum has gotten over 30, 0Source: The National, Covid Art Museum


Scientists turned the structure of the coronavirus' spike into music. This helps them find possible antibody binding sites on that spike by searching Source: Science Magazine


Stay Sane/ Stay Safe has pretty much any clever COVID-related poster you can imagine. It's an open poster platform by graphic designers Max Lennarts, Source: The Guardian


chinese artist Ai Weiwei is making limited-edition protective masks. They're made in his Berlin studio, and every one has a silk-screened design of AiSource: ARTnews


British artist Luke Jerram made a super-faithful glass sculpture of the coronavirus. It was commissioned by Duke University School of Engineering, andSource: WIRED


L.A.-based sound artist Alan Nakagawa made a collage of haikus. Nakagawa asked people to send him their haikus about what the pandemic was like for thSource: The Los Angeles Times, Voice of OC


Erase Covid is a series of artistic PSAs by 60 artists in nine countries. Each poster (or posteard, or greeting card, etc.) in the series has a simpleSource: Pacific San Diego Magazine, Erase Covid


people are making a scale replica of the Earth in Minecraft. They're using Google Maps data, elevation data, tree cover data and even soil suborder daSource: VICE