News That'll Give You Hope We Can Beat This Thing

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

Reading the news right now feels like volunteering to take punches in the gut from Deyontay Wilder. But there's a lot of news that shows you that, actually, a bunch of very smart people are attacking this from every angle you can imagine, and making pretty inspiring progress.

For example:


Dirt-cheap generic drugs could quash the pandemic. Some scientists say that, to buy time, we should look into drugs that strengthen the body (for examSource: WIRED


A huge store of DNA data is being used to fight COVID. The UK Biobank has been tracking the health of half a million volunteers for a decade through bSource: BBC News


Even if we can't test people on a mass scale, sewage could give us answers. Over a dozen research groups are looking into searching for viral RNA in aSource: Nature


A Fujifilm subsidiary developed a super-fast coronavirus test. Current tests take four to six hours, but the one Fujifilm Wako Pure Chemical Corp releSource: The New York Times


COVID is being handled in Europe. The number of new cases is falling in Italy, Spain and Europe, and governments are looking at ways to ease the lockdSource: Bloomberg


Australian scientists are wrapping up clinical trials for COVID drugs. The trials are studying existing drugs to see if they can treat COVID, and theySource: The Guardian


An Israeli placenta cell-based treatment saved six out of six critically ill patients. Four of them had improved respiratory function, and three are cSource: The Jerusalem Post


The FDA granted emergency authorization for a decontamination process that'll let us re-use N95 masks. N95 are designed to be single-use, SO this is aSource: TechCrunch


A smart mirror might make it super easy to wash your hands right. The Miaza Mirror detects your hands and walks you through the WHO'S handwashing protSource: Smithsonian Magazine


70 coronavirus vaccines are in development and three are in clinical trials. Usually, developing a vaccine takes 10 to 15 years. Researchers are workiSource: TIME


The WHO has enrolled hospitals in 90 countries in a clinical trial of four treatments. The WHO'S goal is for the Solidarity trial to be 80% faster tSource: World Health Organization


Shipping containers could solve the ICU shortage. A team of over 100 architects and engineers, led by an MIT professor, is working on a method for turSource: Mashable