Heroic Celebrity Moves That Are What We Need Right Now

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

You probably assume most celebrities are spending their days on their private islands, sipping champagne and waiting for the world to go back to normal. And some of them definitely are. But others are trying to use their platforms or their bottomless bank accounts to do good, sometimes in surprising ways.

For example ...


ASTRONAUT CHRIS HADFIELD IS SHARING TIPS FOR HOW TO THRIVE IN SELF-ISOLATION. u nlan It boils to down, he says, to this. You need to identify the actuSource: YouTube


KRISTEN BELL AND DAX SHEPARD ARE BEING THE BEST LANDLORDS. They're not charging the tenants of their California properties any rent in April. They're Source: E! Online


JOSH GAD READS KIDS' BOOKS ALOUD, PLAYING EACH PART. He used to go to his kids' school every week and read Harry Potter to students, but the pandemic Source: The Hollywood Reporter


NEIL DIAMOND REWROTE SWEET CAROLINE TO PROMOTE SOCIAL DISTANCING. He posted a video of himself playing the new version of the song, saying I think mSource: The Hollywood Reporter


PRIYANKA CHOPRA HAD W.H.O. BIGWIGS ANSWER HER FANS' COVID-RELATED QUESTIONS. She asked people to send in questions about the pandemic, then she hostedSource: Instagram


RIHANNA DONATED S5 MILLION TO CHARITIES FIGHTING COVID-19. Days later, through the Rihanna Foundation, she donated personal protective equipment to NeSource: Vulture


PATRICK STEWART IS READING SHAKESPEARE SONNETS TO HIS FANS. After he got a great response fo a video of himself reading Sonnet 116, he started readingSource: Twitter


ARIANA GRANDE AND TAYLOR SWIFT ARE HELICOPTERING MONEY TO THEIR FANS. Grande has been Venmo-ing $500 and $1,000 payments to fans who are losing incomeSource: CBS News, E! Online


QUEEN GUITARIST BRIAN MAY IS TEACHING PEOPLE TO PLAY HIS MUSIC. Fans asked him to show how he plays the (very hard) middle part of Bohemian Rhapsody,Source: Instagram


NEIL GAIMAN GAVE BLANKET PERMISSION FOR HIS STORIES TO BE READ TO KIDS. When LeVar Burton complained on Twitter about not being able to find public doSource: MovieWeb, Twitter


KEVIN BACON IS USING HIS 6 DEGREES THING TO GET PEOPLE TO STAY HOME. StayHomefor RA SEDGWICK and You tag six friends so they do the same. In a videoSource: Deadline


SCHWARZENEGGER WROTE AN EXERCISE PROGRAM YOU CAN DO AT HOME. How to do Dip between chairs' There are versions for total beginners and for people witSource: Reddit