All The Ways Buying Stuff Is Pointlessly Aggravating

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Why does the world have to make it so difficult for us to waste our hard-earned cash? Instead of being straightforward transactions, we're nearly always bombarded with a bunch of extraneous bullshit that delays us in flushing our money down the toilet.

Things like:

Entry by wafs

CRACKEDOON I have never quite wrapped my head around how only one second is needed to take money out of my account but 1 have to wait 3-5 business day

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

I signed up to your online store to buy that one thing. (372) Spam Trash But that doesn't give you the right to send me emails about things I don't ca


I signed up for a trial on a cooking site to get a single cheesecake recipe. I wasn't surprised that I had to provide my credit card info to get start

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED COM 8 out of 10 shops will offer me a free loyalty membership. TAR AIRWARS YCLUB. AIT ivilege all 711 Club 781 506 REWARDS PASSPORT MATTHAS ME

Even when I buy something simple, the clerk asks me for a ton of personal info. My name, my email, my zip code, etc. 1Y It's like, I don't need a ride

Entry by Kalli

NDOT Men 100-percent-cotton long-sleeve button-down shirt Narrowing my search with Specific keywords is OFten pointless. Not 100 % cotton Not long- sl


CRACKEDOON Sorry This item is not available It makes no sense that a cashier can't sell something because it's not on file.I mean, I'm literally hol

Entry by TedStixon

CRACKEDOON I signed up for Prime partially for the free two-day shipping. Buy New $22.99 Qty: List Price: $34.95 You $11.96 (34%) Prime FRE

Entry by Fermosalua3

CRACKED CON COM Why do I bother checking the Product online catalog if available it never matches the physical retailer? My bad for thinking it should

Entry by Quinton Darby

I hate buying women's jeans from different stores Store Size American 4 Eagle Kohl' s 7 Maurices 28 H&M 6 Finding the right size shouldn't feel like I

Entry by TedStixon

As a chubby man, shopping for clothes is a major pain. can never find what I like in regular stores. XL esree CASUBL either have to MRIL MAE KAT shop


HDROY Every term when I go to buy books, my school's bookstore has some new nonsense afoot. Last term we Weren't allowed to touch the books until we p

Entry by Quinton Darby

NONO Can someone please make the card chip reader OPTIONAL? CHIP MALFUNCTION 8 Tw Or, at the very least, come up with a less annoying workaround for p

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

In every mall, there is always that one pathway infested by aggressive mall kiosk guys who will chase after you if you make eye contact with them. CRA

Entry by Kristina Yong

Thanks to brands using models with unbelievable figures, low-quality fabrics, and inaccurate sizing... ...I can no longer buy clothes online without t

Entry by Fermosalua3

After spending hours carefully selecting the items O want to buy there is nothing worse than pressing the checkout button and finding that my entire s

Entry by LAJL

It pisses me off when I want to buy something online, but it's only available for in-store pickup. I can't go to the store in the first place, that's

Entry by wafs

I absolutely loathe customer surveys. SURVEY lull I DIDN'T FART MY ASS BLEW YOU A KISS I only bought that stupid mug to piss off my uptight roommate.

Entry by Kristina Yong

I hate when price tags end in .99 like I'11 surely celebrate that one cent I didn't spend. On Sale ONSALTE DOLE Intel Core i7 Processor Computer Mo

Entry by LAJL

I hate going to a clothing store where the staff will tail me me around every corner.

Entry by PookieJones

I know why they rearrange things in supermarkets, but I'm a stick-to-the-list kind of buyer, and I hate having to retrace my steps three times when th

Entry by PookieJones

Returning online purchases is a real hassle. Return Exchange I usually wind up fixing the thing myself rather than spending days trying to get an exch

Entry by PookieJones

You need to deter shoplifters, I get it, but can you at least leave the testers out? aUM N'5 CHANEL AIS MANSUM N'9 CHANEL I'd like to see if I like th

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

I have grown suspicious of online discount offers. I'm tired of taking advantage of a 50% discount... % O ...only to realize that the discounted value