19 Stories That Prove Luck Is Real, And Plays Favorites

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Look, we're all rational people, here. We know there's no such thing as good luck, and even if you found a dozen four-leaf clovers the only change in your fortune will be a slight increase in the amount of green on the knees of your jeans.

But then stuff like this happens, and we have to start questioning everything. Luck is literally the only explanation.


Eight years after her father made Nicole Grimes put her puppy up for adoption, she found her, back at the same shelter, and readopted her: Chloe had b

Entry by Andrea Meno

A person bought a Chinese bowl at a yard sale for $3. After a few years, they wanted to know where it came from and they had it assessed. It turned ou

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKEDCON Harrison Odjegba Okene was trapped at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean after a tugboat he was on sank. When the sinking happened, he was st

Retired gardener Eric Lawes was recruited by a friend to help find a missing hammer in a field, using his metal detector. He wound up finding the larg

Entry by PookieJones

CRACKEDOON CongRess eclarafion JULY 4, of the 1776. wnee sbirteen humnan States united dent le te anve of Jthuh Sishieue mehyth Cm rthns iripche Soppv

Entry by Ann Jimenez

TWO SIBLINGS In LoNDON WeRe CLEAnING OUT THEIR GRAGKEDON ATTIC WHeN THEY CAME ACROSS THIS antique vase from the Qing Dynasty; it sold for a record-bre

Entry by gicusudoru

The odds of being hit by lightning and winning the lottery in one's lifetime are about 1 in 2.6 trillion CRAGh 2015 Atic 1oto July Amotique Lotery Pet


GRAGKEIDOON Meet Dylan McWillams. He survived a SHARK ATTACK and a BEAR ATTACK within the span of a few months. You may say that that is just dumb luc


Sony Setiawan regularly took Flight JT610 Lion Air from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang city for a business meeting. On October 29, he missed the flight for

Entry by Andrea Meno

After his uncle died, a Tennessee man found his old collectible sports cards worth over $900,000. PLAY BAZL BUBBLE GUM RICURE OF STAR PLAYER IN EACH P

Entry by Andrea Meno

Bruce Magistro won a $1 million lottery prize, which let him care for his dying wife for three years. NE YORL UOTTERY PAY At Least One Million Dollars

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

Piano tuner Martin Backhouse found 913 gold coins, some of which were hundreds of years old, hiddlen under a keyboard while he IMAS repairing a piano

Entry by PollyDarton

An Ohio resident went thrift shopping and bought a cool art print for $14. EXPO SITiON CE RAnioves A0 VALAVRiS PAges-/959 Turns out, it was an origina

Entry by Andrea Meno

When 67-year-old Dorothy Fletcher had a heart attack on a plane, a flight attendant asked for a doctor. 15 cardiologists, on their way to a conference

Entry by Ann Jimenez

CRACKEDCON In 1985, Christine Tallady was unmarried and gave her son. Steve. up for adoption. 22 YEARS LATER, WHILE LOOKING FOR HIS MOTHER, He DISCOVE

Entry by Maclise

A cop got into a shootout with two muggers and made miracle shot. a 9088 During the shootout off-duty deputy Jose Marquez fired a one-in-a-billion sho

Entry by Maclise

CRACREDO A British 2 man placed a horse racing bet and won E1.5 MILLION. NIN FEEDS Engineer and not horse guy Steve Whiteley put his pocket change on

Entry by Maclise

In 2004 Mary Grams lost her wedding ring and gave up hope of ever finding it. 14 years later her daughter-in-law found the ring wrapped around a carro


A woman discovered that she and her husband had a photo together back when they were still teenagers, 11 years before they met. Xue and Ye were visiti