Infuriating Video Game Moments That Made You Delete The Game

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There's nothing like a great game for unwinding and blowing off steam after a stressful day. That is, until the game itself becomes controller-smashingly awful. Whether it's an impossible puzzle, absurd boss, or just mind-numbing boredom, we all have those moments of when we permanently nope out on a game.

These are those stories.

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

Infuriating Video Game Moments That Made You Delete The Game

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

In Sonic the Hedgehog 3, 0 tried to fight Marble Garden Zone's boss while playing as Tails. AW The tiny part that damages the boss. The part that dies

Entry by Hestutomo

I quit Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor after a mini-boss kept coming back from the dead. In this game, mini-bosses get stronger by killing you. With on


ith 11 The moment I hit the end of my playthrough of PoKeMoN OMEARUBY was when E was waking up half an hour earlier than normal so I could water my ra

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

CRACKED.CONT My playthrough of Evil Genius abruptly ended when my trusty henchman Red Ivan decided to fire a rocket in a room with 20 nuclear reacto

Entry by Sonny Time

The best loot in Anarchy Online was spawn camped. Rare mobs spawned every 18 hours, but I couldn't earn anything because the top guilds camped every r

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

When you've been learning one of the hardest heroes to play in Overwatch for over E a year... But the developers decide to introduce an easy-to-use he

Entry by jimclass

The original MAX PAYNE is considered a classic by most gamers. However, when it suddenly shifted from a story-driven shooter to tightrope walking on a


CHtCIA Tr Legend of Zelda: This was tolerable Majora's Mask early in the game didn't let you when it was fairly save your straightforward, progress un


RAICHU Lu24 P DESTRUCTIN Lu28 P PAR 757 75 P Foe RAICHU used DOUBLE TEAM! Nothingi is more infuriating in PoKeMoN LEAFGREEN VERSION than seeing Lt.Sur

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKED COM GoD WARS FUTURE PAST After losing the final boss fight multiple times, I realized that I had to max the levels of all my characters to sta

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

Infuriating Video Game Moments That Made You Delete The Game

Entry by Hestutomo

A bug in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion broke me. Gldeb OCAll T OBLIVION Sn I always relied on the game's auto-save feature to keep my progress. At so

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

CRACKED.COM In Star Wars: Jedi Academy, I didn't get the Force Protection power. Then halfway through the game it turned out to be a necessary power f

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

MATALGRAR 740ne2 mona aoo S D The infamous thumb-breaking, button-mashing electrocution scene... BESTOBE LIFE- LIFE SUBHIT SSLLECT ...made me repurpos

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

CRACKED.COM Resident Evil 3 had a tone-based music box puzzle. ? %? ? ? ? Unfortunately, I am completely tone deaf, SO I never solved it.

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

These impossible to decipher hints in Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest kept me stuck until I dropped it. WAIT FOR A SOUL WITH A RED CRYSTAL ON DEBORAH C

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

CRACKEDCOMT ELDA THE LEGEND OF BREATH OF WILD THE Guardians? Piece of cake. The Four Divine Beasts? No problemo. But f**k the Apparatus Shrines, W her

Entry by Ka-ga-mi

GTA:Vice City's The Driver race mission against Hilary King made me throw the game away. VROCK PD 500403429 yel, 315-30 Your mandatory shks*ty car Cop

Entry by Sonny Time

Fallut3 Autosaving.. The game autosaved before I died. I was trapped in a death loop.

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Infuriating Video Game Moments That Made You Delete The Game


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on PS2 Piss TO DROP THE GLOTHES. Supernatural housework? No thanks.

Entry by Phighter

CRACKEDO SE S Sw W 150 165 195 210 240 2SS 283 I decided to pass on FortNite after geting gunned down without eveN getting to fire a shot for the thir

Entry by Scott Laffey

METAL GEAR SOLID 2 SONS OF LIBERTY I was really into the game, even with the lack of Snake. Until I got stuck NAKED in a tunnel for 15 minutes, just a